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City on the Twilit Sea



This city is being used as a transition from Sailors on the Starless Sea to The People of the Pit - the two published adventures from Goodman Games for the DCC roleplaying game.


Quick Description

Across the Twilit Sea, lies the ancient dwarven city of Maedoc. Though its original inhabitants fled closer to the surface ages ago, those dwarves that remained degenerated into blind, ivory-skinned things. Considered a bustling trade city in the Twilit Lands, Maedoc is controlled by the dvaerg, as they are called by Vanar skalds, but home to a variety of underworld species, including the cael, an insect-like humanoid race known for their control of trade routes in the Twilit Lands.


Recently, the city has become home to the Cult of the Black Water -- devotees to the Deep Thing and its many lesser servants that roam the Twilit Sea. They have taken control of the central temple complex amid the ruins of the District of the Gods. Though a few of the sailors and fishermen seem to have taken to the cult, it has not grown much in power. Its hooded devotees are rarely seen outside of their temple.






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