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dcc fear

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Planet of Fear


When I was running Savage Worlds, I started building a planetary romance campaign that never got played. I'm running two "normal" DCC games, so for my Sunday game, I decided to throw a wrench into the whole machine and convert Planet of Fear to DCC. The Intro episode is converted below.


Episode 0.1 - The Lord's Horse

In which the characters were intrusted with their lord's prize charger and promptly lost it to a foul thief.


Episode 0.2 -- In the Vault of the Mindhead

In which the characters are snatched from their dimension by the Mindhead and must do his bidding or never return home!


Episode 1 - Twilight on the Planet of Fear


Monsters of Fhere

Strange creatures malevolent and benign...


Maps of Fhere

Not a great map -- for some reason Firefox doesn't like png's that come from Inkscape. Anyway, it's a working map...






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