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Cherek is a little known tribal god in the Vanar Highlands. Based on his avatars, he is called the Bear god, with a portfolio of protection, law and destruction of otherworldly evil. As a patron or a god, Cherek demands much from his servants, much like the harsh environment from which his original worshippers spring.


Servant Requirements (as a Patron or a clerical god)

  • Alignment: Lawful
  • Sacrifice/Gift: Daily ritual prayer (4 hours), 20% of all income/wealth in silver, fasting on high holy days/weeks, conversion activities as available
  • Holy Days/Ceremonies: Cherek's Feast (mid-winter), Great Thaw (mid-spring), Last Light (late summer -- week-long ceremony)


The servants of Cherek have some restrictions associating with those of different alignments. For every day that the servant associates with a Neutrally aligned person, the servant suffers a -1 to all Spell checks. This penalty is cumulative for 3 days (maximum -3). The same penalty applies to Chaotically aligned persons, though the penalty has no maximum. Additionally, those that are servants, worshippers or associates of gods or beings that are diametrically opposed to Cherek's aims suffer the same penalties and conditions as a Chaotically aligned persons.


Cleric's of Cherek have the following restrictions when using their "lay on hands" ability, based on the subject to receive the healing:

  • Lawful (worshipper or servant of Cherek) -- Treat as a Same
  • Lawful (worshipper or servant of a complimentary diety) -- Treat as Adjacent
  • Lawful (worshipper or servant of an opposed deity) -- Treat as Opposed
  • Neutral (All) -- Treat as Opposed.
  • Chaotic -- unable to receive healing


Tenets of Cherek

  • Strength and Vigor -- Cherek expects his worshippers to be healthy and capable of defending and providing for themselves, especially in the harsh environments of the Vanar Highlands.
  • Protection of the Weak -- Cherek espouses protection of those that cannot defend themselves, though this is not an arbitrary group of people. The old and infirm are really the only ones that Cherek recognizes as "weak." Even women and children are expected to assist in their own protection, within reason.
  • Rule of Law -- The clan system of the Vanar Highlands is believed by its adherents to be a gift of Cherek, whereby the chosen male heir and his closest relatives are provided divine providence to rule the extended family.
  • Destruction of Evil -- This tenet refers to the otherwordly powers, more than the casual evil of the "True World," as the priests of Cherek define it. Those of other dimensions and realities, especially those of the hellish planes are to be hunted and expelled or killed. Egresses from these "evil realms" are to be sealed and guarded.


Clerics of the Bear God

Once agreeing to the tenets and the requirements of the cult, characters may become clerics of the Bear God. Clerics enjoy these additional class features as worshippers of Cherek:

  • Weapon proficiency with all axes
  • Access to patron spells as a wizard.
  • Invoke Patron as a wizard.


Invoke Patron Results


12 - 14 - Cherek ignores your piteous pleas. Seek strength from within yourself.

15 - 16 - Pelt of the Bear God -- The servant receives a +4 to all saves and checks versus natural or magical cold. Any cold base damage is reduced by CL.

17 - 19 - Rage of North - The servant feels a surge of power, gaining +4 STR and +4 STA and a -4 PER for 1d6+CL rounds.

20 - 21 - Circle of Sanctuary -- This effect mimics the effect of the Sanctuary spell, but affects all allies within a 10' radius. The effect is targeted on an individual  up to 60' from the servant invoking Cherek. Chaotically-aligned allies are not afforded protection by this spell.

22 - 24 - Surge of Vitality -- All allies within a 10' radius receive healing as per the lay on hands ability. (see Cleric's ability and above for restrictions).

25 - 27 - Feral Eyes --  The servant's eyes  glow with icy blue fire. Once per round, the servant can make a touch attack against a foe, dealing 1d6+CL in cold damage.

28 - 29 - Swath of Destruction -- All creatures from dimensions, planes or places other than the "True World" are banished from whence they came. Those with less than 4 HD are utterly destroyed.

30+ Avatar of the North - A great northern bear is summoned and fights for the servant. Note: This power is unavailable unless the corpse of Cherek's avatar is sanctified and cremated. (See Ganelith's Bloody Veil -- room 11 level 1)


Patron Spells


Cherek's Feast -- summons a feast providing food for 1d4+CL people.


Light of the North -- Icy blue flame that illuminates in a 60' radius and grants +4 to Search checks.


Righteous Rage -- Surge of power gaining +4 STR, +4 STA for 1d6+CL rounds.


Repel Demons -- Causes up to 5 HD of hellish creatures to flee the caster.


Patron Taint


Irascible -- -4 PER

Voracious -- must eat 4x the food of a normal person or lose 1 STA per day.

Righteous -- Effects of associating with those of Chaotic alignment extend to Neutral and Lawfully-aligned persons that are not worshippers or servants of Cherek. None but those that worship or are tied to Cherek may be healed.


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