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Ganelith, Lord of the Twisted



Ganelith is a demon lord of vast power. His desire to increase his power by enslaving mortals is almost overpowering, and his predilection for horrible mutations is legendary. Anyone that would willingly enter the service of Ganelith should consider professional help. Generally, adherents lust after the secrets this Lord of the Twisted possesses, though his price is high. 


Invoke Patron Results:


12-13 . Ganelith cannot be bothered to respond. But your call is important to him! Please stay on the line for a free Patron Taint result.


14-17 . Scales of the Larval Man. The caster's body is covered in chitin scales that weep a foul ichor. For 1d7+2 rounds, the caster has AC +4 and is immune to normal weapons (silver and mithril deal normal damage; cold iron deals +1 damage). For the duration of the spell, the caster is repelled by holy water and holy symbols of the Neutral and Lawful gods. If forcibly moved to within 10' of these abhorrent items, the caster takes 1d4 damage per round.


15-17 . Guardian's Touch. For 1d4 rounds, the caster can fire a blast of demonic energy that does 2d4 damage to a single target. During this time, the caster is vulnerable cold iron, mithril and silver and to holy water and holy symbols of Neutral and Good gods as above.


18-19 . Horrid Visage. The caster's face transforms into that of a skeletal stork-like creature causing all within sight of the caster to make a Will Save DC = Invoke Patron result or  suffer the effects of fear (below) 1d6 rounds. The caster remains in this state for 1d4 hours. Those affected must spend 1d6 rounds (1) Paralyzed with fear (2) Fleeing in terror (3) Confused and acting randomly (4) Seemingly unaffected, but collapse unconscious after effect period (5)Emboldened, +2 to all rolls but collapse unconscious after effect period (6) Seemingly unaffected but suffer -2 to all rolls.


20-23 . Fists of the Demon. The caster's arms are transformed into thick muscled appendages with boney knobs where the hands would normally be. For 2d4 rounds, the caster has two unarmed attacks (Action 1d20/1d16) that deal 1d6+3 damage per hit. Those struck must make a STR check DC=10+damage dealt or be knocked back 1d10 feet. Anyone contacting a solid object takes an additional 1d7 damage.


24-27 . Servants of Ganelith. The caster summons one or more servants of Ganelith and receives a Patron Taint. Roll a secondary Spell check on the table below:

1-11 - Dark Ratling (1d3) -- Ratlings are not under the control of the caster and must be treated with to serve.

12-15 -- Dark Ratlings (1d7+1) -- Ratlings serve the caster for 1d3 days, requiring a Personality check (DC 12) to continue service after that. 

16-17 -- Larval Man (1d3) -- Larval men require a Spell Check each round (DC 12) to remain in the caster's service.

18-19 -- Sons of Ganelith (1d4) -- Sons require a Spell Check each round (DC 15) to remain in the caster's service

20+ -- Roll twice, ignoring rolls over 20.



28-29 . The Guardian. The caster is transformed into a Vault Guardian for 2d4 hours and receives a Patron Taint.


30+ . Ganelith ignores the call -- you are obviously powerful enough to take care of yourself. The caster receives a Patron Taint.





Ganelith the Twisted grants several spells, though each binds the caster even more fully to his service.


Level 1 : Forms of Ganelith- Once any of the effects below ends, the subject of the spell must make a FORT save (DC=Spell Check) or suffer a Patron Taint. While the effects of Forms of Ganelith are active, the subject takes one and one-half damage from mithril, silver and cold iron weapons, and the subject(s) of the spell is damaged by holy water.


12-14 - The caster or subject touched receives +4 to AC.


14-15 - As above and the subject of the spell grows chitin scales that weep foul ichor. For the duration of the spell, the subject is immune to normal fire and cold and only takes 1/2 damage from magical fire and cold.


16-19 - As above, but the duration is doubled and the subject takes no damage from fire or cold, magical or otherwise.


20-21 - As 14-15, but spellcaster can affect up to four human-sized creatures.


22-25 - As 14-15 but the subject is also immune to damage from normal weapons. Takes double damage from mithril, silver and cold iron.


26-29 - As above, the subject head transforms into that of a Son of Ganelith, imparting Fear effects. Takes double damage from holy water.


30-31 - As above, but the subject must make a WILL save or the effects last for 1d6 days.


32+ - As above, but the effects are permanent on a failed WILL save.




Level 2 : Lesser Call Twisted Servants


Ganelith's Summon Twisted Servants spell calls in servants of Ganelith to fight for the caster. Unfortunately, the servants of Ganelith are not easily controlled. Once summoned, the caster must treat with the fiends in order to compel them to serve (Personality save DC = 10+HD summoned) -- if applicable, this check must be made daily. Servants are summoned for 1d7+CL hours, unless otherwise noted. Once this time expires, the servants leave the caster's service -- usually to the detriment of the surrounding countryside.


13-15. Dark Ratlings (1d3) are summoned.


16-18. As above, but 1d7+1 are summoned and serve up to 1d6 days.


20-26.  1d3 Ratlings are summoned or 1d3 Larval Men


27-29. As above, except that 1d7+1 Ratlings AND 1d4+1 Larval Men are summoned and serve up to 1d6 days.


30+. Dark Ratlings (2) and a Larval Man (1) are summoned permanently and serve at the caster's will. (no PERS save required)



Level 3: Mutations of the Master


Level 4: Greater Call Twisted Servants


Level 5: Lord of the Tortured




Patron Taints for Ganelith

Roll (1d20)



Insidious -- Over the next month, the person affected transforms into a Larval Man.








































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