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Middleton is the "town" base for explorers of this version of Rappan Athuk. Given the transitory nature of the gaming group and the relatively long gaps in getting together, town rules are as such:


  • At the end of every session, the adventurers return to Middleton
  • At the beginning of every session, the adventurers set out from Middleton.
  • Characters heal, purchase supplies, find hirelings, identify items, etc. all "off camera."
  • Middleton will have a certain "availability level" regarding items and services -- this includes limitations on purchase prices for used equipment, magic items, etc. 
  • Anything above the availability level of Middleton will have to be "ordered" from a larger settlement elsewhere (and only vaguely defined). 
  • Arrival of the item(s), services, etc. arrive after some time, if at all. 
  • Possibly we'll come up with a system similar to Darklands, where "town" is just a menu of places that can be visited where items and services are available -- as the characters gain "prestige," they may also pick up additional gold, items, services and prestige by performing certain missions within Athuk for certain powerful personages in Middleton or elsewhere. 


I'd like to keep "town" as abstract as possible. A night's gaming should never devolve into sitting around a tavern trying to gather information, running through the streets picking pockets, or the like. This is a mega-dungeon -- let's spend our time there. 


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