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Mega Maps

Page history last edited by Paul Wolfe 9 years, 8 months ago

The sunken city of Xerichen is an ancient mega-city destroyed by the hubris of its inhabitants by a gigantic meteor.


Here's the entry describing how to find entrance to the city:


The Sunken City of Xerichen

South of Wigburn, among the waving grasses of the plains, sits a fallen marble monument – almost a headstone. The inscription on the base is in an ancient language and says simply: Vanity. Though many in the area know of the monument – it’s a favorite “haunted place” to the young people of Hanadel -- no one knows about the city that lies a few hundred feet below the surface – or the secret stairway that reveals itself when the ancient word is pronounced on a moonless night.


In ancient times, the humans that occupied the continent were powerful demonologists and clockwork mages of some skill. The center of their “universe” was the city of Xerichen, which grew to a metropolis of over a million souls. The powerful of Xerichen believed that their empire could rival even the gods and in their vanity, challenged the gods to prove their might against the city. The gods quickly proved their might by throwing a giant meteorite at the city. The resulting devastation covered this entire portion of the continent with flaming dust, leveling mountains, hills and forests. This is what “created” the Soraki Plains and the mountain, Urven-Shzail is all that remains of the gods’ wrath.


Xerichen today is occupied by denizens of the Underworld, including some of the creatures released more recently by the Chosen of the Emerald and their enemies, the sheinfey. Within the last few months, a tribe of duergar has begun infiltrating the city, looking for a passage to the surface. Attracted by the power of Urven-Shzail, like other interlopers to the region, the duergar specifically seek to find the remnants of the sheinfey that they believe have taken a different passage to the surface.


The Fallen Monument

Sitting on a slight rise among the waving prairie grasses is a long marble monument – a plinth, really – broken at its base and fallen on its side. Millennia of rain and wind have scoured the long poem that was written from the pinnacle to the base, save one word – Vanity – in the ancient script of the Xerichens.

If this word is spoken, a secret stairway is revealed in the base of the monument. The staircase, about 5’ wide, twists down 100’ into darkness and foul, stale air issues when the stairway is revealed. The stairway ends in a cramped closet 5’x5’, attached to area 1.


The Broken Tower of Gren-Forkun


No description yet. Here's a proposed map:



The Cathedral

The cathedral is a series of natural caves, vents and rivers that connects the Tower of Gren-Forkun to areas of the sunken city of Xerichen.





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