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Page history last edited by Paul Wolfe 9 years, 10 months ago
Saint Virtue Saint Day Imp1 Imp2 Imp3 Imp4 Imp5 Imp6 Imp7 Other Powers Other2 Other3
ADRIAN Virt 43 1-Dec Charisma Weapons Endurance              
AGATHA Virt 24 5-Feb Charisma Endurance           more if female)    
AGNES Virt 19 21-Jan improves Local Rep Charisma                
AIDAN Virt 23 31-Jan Woodwise             helps with animals    
ALBERT THE GREAT Virt 39 15-Nov Intelligence Perception Latin Read/Write Alchemy          
ALCUIN Virt 44 19-May Intelligence Latin Read/Write              
ALEXIS Virt 28 17-Jul   Charisma           provides a little money if extremely poor improves Local Rep  
ANDREW Virt 14 30-Nov Endurance Charisma           improves Local Rep in distant lands    
ANDREW THE TRIBUNE Virt 37 19-Aug Weapons                  
ANTHONY Virt 35 17-Jan Charisma Common Latin Read/Write Strength Endurance   may banish a powerful demon    
ANTHONY OF PADUA Virt 59 13-Jun Strength Perception Charisma Weapon (Impact) Common Latin        
ARNULF Virt 18 18-Jul Strength Perception Weapons Latin Read/Write Streetwise Ride      
APOLLINARIUS Virt 78 8-Jan Strength Endurance           frequently routs enemies    
BARBARA Virt 32 4-Dec Weapon (Missile) Artifice           sometimes prevents death    
BATHILDIS Virt 21 30-Jan Intelligence Perception                
BONIFACE Virt 25 5-Jun Charisma Weapons Common              
CATHERINE OF ALEXANDRIA Virt 46 25-Nov Intelligence Charisma Common              
CATHERINE OF SIENA Virt 33 29-Apr Perception Charisma Common         sometimes senses evil or foresees future    
CECILIA Virt 41 22-Nov Charisma             can prevent suffocation or drowning Improves Local Rep  
CEOLWULF Virt 23 15-Jan Strength Intelligence Perception Weapons Latin          
CHARITY Virt 40 1-Aug Endurance             greatly improves one Perceptionson's armor against anything may improve party armor against flame  
CHRISTINA THE ASTONISHING Virt 54 24-Jul Agility Charisma           sometimes allows translation    
CHRISTOPHER Virt 31 25-Jul Strength Endurance Weapon (Bow) Streetwise Woodwise Ride   improves travel speed for a week    
CLARE Virt 33 11-Aug Strength Endurance           sometimes routs satanic enemies    
CLOTILDA Virt 22 3-Jun Strength Endurance Charisma Heal            
COLEMAN OF CLOYNE Virt 34 24-Nov Charisma Common Latin Read/Write            
COLUMBA Virt 36 9-Jun Strength Endurance Charisma Weapon (Edged) Weapon (Impact) Weapon (Flail) Weapon (Pole Arms) temporarily lose some Perception    
COSMAS Virt 15 26-Sep Strength Endurance Perception Heal       learn of StDamian    
CRISPIN Virt 28 25-Oct               reduces enemy non-metal armor quality improves non-metal armor quality  
CYPRIAN Virt 54 26-Sep Intelligence Alchemy           may stop some satanic magic    
DAMIAN Virt 30 26-Sep Strength Endurance           learn of St Cosmas    
DAVID Virt 30 24-May Charisma Intelligence Perception Weapons Ride          
DENIS Virt 38 9-Oct Strength Endurance Charisma Common       improves Local Rep in distant lands    
DERFEL GADARN Virt 57 5-Apr Strength Endurance Weapons              
DEVOTA Virt 26 17-Jan Strength Endurance Charisma         helps to escape or withstand torture improves Local Rep in distant lands  
DISMAS Virt 53 25-Mar Agility Streetwise Woodwise Artifice Stealth     helps in prison escapes or dealings with thieves    
DOMINIC Virt 29 8-Aug Intelligence Common Latin Read/Write       may help in dealings with Dominicans and inquisitors    
DOROTHY OF MONTAU Virt 52 30-Oct Charisma Perception Heal         may provide a longsword to the needy improves Local Rep in NE Germany helps to sense evil intent
DROGO Virt 59 16-Apr Perception Heal Woodwise         improves travel speed for a week    
DUNSTAN Virt 45 19-May Perception Weapons Streetwise Artifice Alchemy     may improve metal armor quality and reduce enemy metal armor quality    
DYMPHNA Virt 21 15-May Agility Stealth Heal Endurance       sometimes routs satanic enemies    
EDWARD THE CONFESSOR Virt 5 13-Oct Endurance Intelligence Perception Weapons Ride     Raises virtue (<20) but lose wealth    
ELIGIUS Virt 29 1-Dec Artifice Alchemy           certain weapons increase inquality    
EMYDIUS Virt 31 9-Aug Charisma Common           may purify or destroy a satanic site    
ENGELBERT Virt 40 7-Nov Charisma Woodwise Ride Common       allows passage over water    
ERASMUS Virt 32 2-Jun Agility Perception           may help in dealing with sailors or seamen improves party armor against flame or lightning  
ERIC Virt 42 18-May Strength Charisma Weapons Common Ride     may help in dealings with nobility improves Local Rep in distant lands  
EUSTACE Virt 41 20-Sep Weapons (not impact or flail) Woodwise Ride         improves travel through forests for a week    
FELIX OF NOLA Virt 37 14-Jan Agility Stealth Woodwise         may help you escape from prison once    
FINBAR Virt 17 25-Sep Perception Charisma Latin              
FINNIAN Virt 24 10-Sep Charisma Agility Streetwise Common Read/Write     allows passage over water    
FLORIAN Virt 17 4-May Weapons Ride           allows passage over water improves Local Rep in Austria and Poland  
FRANCIS OF ASSISI Virt 10 1-Oct Endurance Perception Charisma Common Virtue     lose some wealth with every successful prayer    
GABRIEL Virt 56 29-Sep Intelligence Perception           may cause enemies to flee battle can sometimes see a Perceptionson's mind or heart  
GENEVIEVE Virt 73 3-Jan Strength Endurance           can prevent attacks or sometimes prevent further fighting  
GEORGE Virt 23 23-Apr Strength Agility Weapons Ride       weapons and armor quality improves    
GERLAC Virt 34 5-Jan Strength Endurance Charisma Weapons Heal          
GERTRUDE OF NIVELLES Virt 26 17-Mar Latin Read/Write Woodwise Ride       can help you to nearest city instantly sometimes offers insights into the future  
GILES Virt 45 1-Sep Strength Endurance Stealth Streetwise Woodwise     temporarily lose some Agl and significant Weaponry skills provides some money if very poor  
GILES OF PORTUGAL Virt 64 4-May Intelligence Perception Artifice Alchemy       suffer - 1 Virt and a 1 point wound to Str    
GODEHARD Virt 39 4-May Endurance Latin Read/Write         can prevent some natural disasters    
GODFREY Virt 55 7-Nov Endurance Artifice Common         may sense evil in clerics may prevent a fight  
GOTTSCHALK Virt 44 7-Jun Weapons             improves Local Rep in Wendish    
GREGORY THAUMATURGUS Virt 74 17-Nov Charisma Alchemy Artifice Common       may briefly improve all Attributes and Skills useful in some desperate situations  
HEDWIG Virt 16 16-Oct Strength Endurance Heal         improves Local Rep in Silesia may encourage nobility to reveal information  
HENRY Virt 61 13-Jul Intelligence Weapons           helps in some dealings with nobility    
HERIBERT Virt 30 16-Mar Strength Charisma           helps in some dealings with farmers    
HERVE Virt 47 17-Jun Perception             may sense evil in people    
HILDEGARD Virt 13 17-Sep Perception             improves Local Rep in W Germany may provide dreams or visions of the future  
HUBERT Virt 34 3-Nov Weapon (Pole Arms) wThr Weapon (Bow) Weapon (Missile) Stealth Woodwise   may prevent problems with woodland animals    
ILLTYD Virt 63 6-Nov Charisma Weapons Common Ride            
ISIDORE Virt 21 15-May Charisma Common Streetwise         improves Local Rep in distant lands may help in dealings with peasants  
ITA Virt 85 15-Jan Strength Endurance Charisma Heal            
JAMES THE GREATER Virt 25 25-Jul Strength Endurance Charisma Virtue       temporarily lose some Int improves Local Rep in distant lands  
JANUARIUS Virt 66 19-Sep               prevents many animals attacks with relic could prevent many attacks  
JOHN OF BRIDLINGTON Virt 36 21-Oct Strength Endurance                
JOHN CHRYSOSTOM Virt 37 13-Sep Charisma Common Latin         temporarily lose some Per unavailable during some festivals  
JOHN CLIMACUS Virt 20 30-Mar               increases all skills proportionate to the prayer's virtue    
JOHN NEPOLMUCHEN Virt 22 16-May Charisma Intelligence Common Streetwise       improves Local Rep in Bohemia especially Prag may force a person to speak the truth
JOSEPH Virt 27 19-Mar Artifice Streetwise Charisma              
JUDE Virt 15 28-Oct               may help in "hopeless" situations improves attributes and skills  
JULIAN THE HOSPITALER Virt 61 12-Feb Woodwise Ride           aids in crossing bridges, fords or ferries    
KESSOG Virt 31 10-Mar Strength Endurance Charisma Common Heal Ride        
LASDISLAUS Virt 51 27-Jun Strength Agility Weapons Common Ride          
LAWRENCE Virt 20 10-Aug Endurance Charisma Common Streetwise       helps to escape or withstand torture    
LAZARUS Virt 80 17-Dec Strength Endurance           may reduce the possibility of death    
LONGINIUS Virt 49 15-Mar Weapons             improves weapons quality    
LUCY Virt 77 13-Dec Strength Endurance Per              
LUKE Virt 17 18-Oct Strength Endurance Heal              
LUTGARDIS Virt 60 16-Jun Charisma Perception Virtue         temporarily lose some End sometimes allows translation (flight)  
MARGARET Virt 46 20-Jul Strength Endurance           some benefit to other attributes and skills for females only gives one character superior protection from flames  
MARGARET OF CORTONA Virt 52 22-Feb Strength Common Heal Endurance            
MARK Virt 35 7-Oct Agility R&W                
MARTIN OF TOURS Virt 69 11-Nov Strength Endurance Charisma Perception Common Ride   may sense evil in people    
MATTHEW Virt 26 21-Sep Intelligence Latin Read/Write         may help with bankers    
MAURICE Virt 81 22-Sep Weapon (Edged) Alchemy           improves quality of edged weapons    
MICHAEL Virt 72 29-Sep Charisma Weapons Heal         improves Local Rep may improve quality of weapons and armor  
MILBURGA Virt 71 23-Feb Charisma Heal           sometimes allows translation (flight)    
MOSES THE BLACK Virt 66 28-Aug Weapons Stealth Streetwise Woodwise            
NICHOLAS Virt 49 6-Dec Agility Charisma Ride         improves Local Rep in Lorraine may save ships in storms  
NICOLAS OF TOLENTINO Virt 31 1-Sep Restores all Str some End           improves Relg and Heal    
ODILIA Virt 25 13-Dec Perception             improves Local Rep in Alsace    
ODO Virt 47 4-Jul Perception Charisma Weapons Common            
OLAF Virt 18 29-Jul Endurance Weaponry                
PANTALEON Virt 56 27-Jul Strength Endurance Alchemy Heal       may discourage animal attacks improve someone's armor against flame allows passage over water
PATRICK Virt 22 17-Mar Strength Charisma Weapon (Edged) Weapon (Impact) Weapon (Pole Arms) Common Latin may improve armor against missiles    
PAUL THE APOSTLE Virt 19 29-Jun Endurance Charisma Common Latin Read/Write     improves Local Rep in distant lands may prevent escape from prison or hostage situations  
PAUL THE SIMPLE Virt 70 1-Mar Strength Endurance           temporarily lose considerable Int may permit one to see into another's mind  
PERPETUA Virt 16 7-Mar Charisma             may discourage animal attacks    
PETER Virt 58 29-Jun Strength Charisma Weapon (Edged) Common Latin Heal   may allow escape from prison temporarily lose considerable Per  
PETER OF ATROA Virt 62 1-Jan Intelligence Perception Ride Stealth Alchemy     but lose a little Local Rep permanently    
POLYCARP Virt 19 23-Feb               gives significant flame protection to entire party    
RAPHAEL Virt 75 29-Sep Strength Endurance Agility Perception Heal     may purify or destroy satanic sites    
RAYMOND PENAFORT Virt 67 7-Jan Intelligence Read/Write           helps with church law allows passage over water  
RAYMOND LULL Virt 29 30-Jun Intelligence Alchemy Read/Write         restores some Str and End if extremely low    
REINOLD Virt 27 7-Jan Endurance Alchemy Artifice         temporarily lose some Chr helps in climbing stone walls finding secret doors and passages
ROCH Virt 19 16-Aug Strength Endurance Artifice Heal       helps deal with plagues    
SABAS THE GOTH Virt 64 12-Apr Strength Endurance Chr              
SEBASTIAN Virt 28 20-Jan Strength Endurance Agility Weapons Ride     helps deal with plagues    
STANISLAUS Virt 42 11-Apr Strength Endurance Charisma Common Latin     improves Local Rep in Poland    
STEPHEN Virt 27 16-Aug Intelligence Charisma Weapons Common Ride     improves Local Rep in Hungary    
SWITHBERT Virt 25 1-Mar Strength Endurance Charisma Common            
TARACHUS Virt 50 11-Oct Strength Endurance Charisma         may stop animal attacks    
THALELAEUS THE MERCIFUL Virt 62 20-May Strength Endurance Heal              
THEODORE TIRO Virt 38 9-Nov Charisma Weapons Ride              
THOMAS THE APOSTLE Virt 24 1-Jul Strength Endurance Common Heal Artifice Woodwise        
THOMAS AQUINAS Virt 68 28-Jan Intelligence Latin Read/Write Relg       may help at universities or monasteries    
VALENTINE Virt 48 14-Feb Strength Endurance Charisma Common Stealth Heal        
VICTOR OF MARSEILLES Virt 65 21-Jul Strength Endurance Charisma Weapons Common          
VITUS Virt 48 15-Jun Charisma Agility           may dispel a demon when travelling may get you to nearest city success could cause person praying to collapse
WENCESLAUS Virt 44 26-Sep Strength Intelligence Perception Weapons Ride     improves Local Rep in Bohemia    
WILFRID Virt 25 12-Oct Endurance Charisma Artifice Common       improves travel speed for a week    
WILLEHAD Virt 35 8-Nov Agility Woodwise Ride         may cause enemy to hesitate during a fight    
WILLEBALD Virt 50 6-Jun Charisma Common Woodwise              
WILLIBORORD Virt 43 7-Nov Charisma Common Woodwise         improves Local Rep in N Germany    
WOLFGANG Virt 24 31-Oct Intelligence Charisma Common Woodwise Ride     may improve relations with villagers or nobles    
ZITA Virt 23 27-Apr Endurance Perception Streetwise         may provide information from servants    

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