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Page history last edited by Paul Wolfe 9 years, 8 months ago


A Castles and Crusades Conversion


This site contains materials for a Castles and Crusades campaign that I'm working on, based on the Darklands video game.


Darklands -- A Game Before Its Time

The game is set in medieval Germany around the 1400's. Within the Darklands video game, the simulation of a complex society, as well as a complex set of role-playing rules combine to create quite an experience. This experience probably doesn't appeal to the traditional "high fantasy" gamer, but it still tickles some itch in me. The link leads to more information about the video game. I highly recommend it for all those that like to see a well-crafted system deliver quality gameplay and gaming experience -- despite the dated video and audio environment.


Darklands -- The Conversion

So, like many gamers "of an age," I find inspiration from a number of sources. Typically, when this inspiration takes me, I jump onto Mysticbull and start developing like a madman. These inspirations rarely develop into anything necessarily innovative, and even less often, something I get to run for my players. However, I like to capture my thoughts just in case some day someone can use it, or I actually get to run/play the game. Maybe if we all end up in the Old Gamer's Home...


Character Options


Character Professions and Upkeep

Darklands handles character downtime in a rather unique way, and one that may be difficult to simulate in a tabletop RPG environment. This is my attempt at capturing the essence of characters making a living when they're not adventuring.


The Adventuring Party

Darklands provides a very interesting set of "meta-stats" that control how your group is received by the local, regional and national area at any given time. Again, its complex within the video game, but I think it can be used to enhance a table-top campaign set in this world (and is really necessary to deliver the "flavor" of the world).


The Life of the Priest

I really like the way that Darklands handles priestly magic and powers. It is rather complicated, in game, and probably too cumbersome to simulate directly, however, limiting priestly spells/powers by their knowledge of the Saints is compelling.


Explosive Arts: The Alchemist

With the virtual removal of traditional magic-users/illusionists from the game, this is a replacement class. This one is rather straightforward -- the alchemist requires a recipe, ingredients and time to create potions. More powerful versions of common recipes can be found as the alchemist adventures.


Black Magic: The Witch and the Warlock

Standard magic is anathema to European society in the 1400's, however, everyone from the common man to the highest noble are a superstitious lot and changes to the magic-user/illusionist classes provide a powerful, yet dangerous character option.



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