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In the City of the Lizard


Though this adventure is based on the module Dwellers of the Forbidden City, many of the situations and encounters there have changed – and most of the adventure takes the form of events and missions that the characters can undertake to gain access to and destroy the Nexus. The City Key section details the changes to the published module, while the Adventure Flow section details the various events the characters may become involved in.


Through the Forgotten Entrance

The only way for the characters to reach the city is through the Forgotten Entrance (section A in the published module). The changes to this area mainly involve the bugbears as potential allies, rather than adversaries. The key below details the changes to area A, listing page numbers from the original module for reference.


A-1 Forgotten Entrance

(pg 4) No Changes


A-2 Sacrificial Pool

(pg 4) The encounter in this area remains the same with the following changes.

At 1d4+1 rounds after the fight with the crocodiles begins, a troop of bugbears arrives from A3, deftly leaping to various cave protrusions and footholds. They watch the battle for one round before firing their bows at the crocodiles while three bugbears strip off their armor and dive into the pool to assist any characters injured or struggling to swim.



Bugbears (3 per PC)



After the encounter, one of the bugbears addresses the apparent leader of the party with the following questions:

  • Why have you invaded our realm?
  • Who are your allies? The Snakes, the Lizards or the Frogs?


If the heroes answer truthfully, or at least provide plausible answers, or if they mention the Nexus, the bugbear assures the party that he and his compatriots mean them no harm, however, the party must come with them to speak to their leader. They will not answer questions, and only one bugbear per PC leads them through the caves to their leader in A5. The remainder stop off in A3 to resume their guard post.


Note: The bugbears start this encounter as friendly but wary. They will submit to alignment detection to prove their sincerity (they are Lawful; Neutral)


If the heroes do not trust the bugbears or engage them in combat, they flee back to A4 and A5, alerting the sentries and their leader.


A3 The Barren Beach

(pg 4) No change – with the addition of bugbear sentries detailed in the previous encounter.


A4 Bugbear Sentry Post

(pg 5) The encounter area remains the same.



There are 20 bugbears here.



If the party is escorted by the bugbears from A2/A3, one of them calls out the password in Goblin: “Staffal the King.” If the heroes mention that they know Staffal, the bugbears chatter amongst themselves in Goblin (essentially variations on “Do they understand us? How can they know Staffal? Etc.”) Any questions are met with something along the lines of “the leader will sort it out.”


If the heroes are alone, the bugbears here are alert and wary, (Neutral/Uncertain). They ask the questions as above, and where the other bugbears have gone. If these sentries suspect that their compatriots have been killed, they assume that the party is allied with one of the other factions of the city, and attack to kill, sending one of their numbers back to alert the rest of the group.


A5 Bugbear Guard Room

(pg 5) Encounter area is the same.



There are 15 bugbears here, as well as their leader. The warleader, Victrel, is a large veteran of many bugbear wars, as evidenced by his many scars and missing right ear and eye.



If the party approaches with their escort, Victrel snuffles and grunts at his soldier’s report and the party’s questions and comments. If he sees the Sword of Lischil (or its affects on its bearer) if the characters mention Staffal or the Nexus, his attitude changes considerably, and he makes the plea below in Victrel’s Story.


If the heroes have fought their way to here, Victrel fights a retreating action, knowing that the party is powerful (having defeated so many of his soldiers). He and the remainder of his troop attempt to fight their way through to A3 and the boats, attempting to escape. If cornered and defeated, neither he nor his troops will reveal the precariousness of the bugbear’s position or the details of their troops.


Victrel’s Story

This troop of bugbears has a problem – they were sent to secure this entrance to the city, since it lies behind the Staffal’s position in the city – and they were almost immediately cut off by the forces of the yuan-ti. They need help fighting through the remainder of this cave complex to reach Staffal’s fortress in the city proper. Victrel knows that area A6 is impassible and that the tasloi and yuan-ti degenerates are beyond. Victrel is the type of commander that never backs down from a mission (he and his troops climbed the cliffs surrounding the city to make an approach through the jungle to this entrance…just to be thorough). However, the odd situation at A6 has confounded him.

He will dispatch four bugbears to support the heroes if they agree to “help” clear the way ahead and solve the problem in A6. He can replace fallen protectors twice before refusing to send more. At this point, he decides to fight his way back into the city over the cliffs again and back to the fortress to report to Staffal.


A6 Hall of Meditation

(pg 5) Same as the module


A7 The Smithy

(pg 5) Encounter area is the same as the module.



The tasloi are supported by yuan-ti degenerates (1 per PC), and there is no half-breed yuan-ti here.



The two young men being held here are local tribesmen. Though the speak little Common, the characters should be able to discern that they were captured by the yuan-ti along with someone of great importance to their tribe. Through pantomime and drawings in the dust, it should be apparent that this person is going to be sacrificed by the yuan-ti in some foul rite.


The tribesmen offer to join the party in order to aid their captured compatriot (detailed in A9).


A8 the Swinging Bridge

(pg 6) Same as the module


A9 The Amphitheatre of the Yuan-ti

(pg 6) The encounter area remains the same.



The giant constrictor snake from A10 is here, along with yuan-ti degenerates (1 per PC) watching the sacrifice of Zura.



The snake is very slowly descending from the vine canopy of the cavern toward the drugged native (Zura, son of a chieftain). It will arrive in 1d4+2 rounds after combat starts.


The yuan-ti quietly observe the ritual of the snake, and will die trying to prevent its interruption.


If Zura is saved, he enthusiastically agrees to join the party, though he has no equipment.


Once the yuan-ti and snake are defeated, the way is open for Victrel and his troop – any remaining bugbears from his group rush back to inform him. The heroes should see bugbears moving forward from the direction of Staffal’s fortress (Area B).


A10 Hall of the Serpent God

(pg 6) This encounter has been removed.


Monsters and Treasure


Yuan-ti Degenerate


Very Rare

No. Appearing


Armor Class: 3



Hit Dice


% in Lair


Treasure Type


No. of Attacks:



       1d10 or by weapon

Special Attacks


Special Defenses


Magic Resistance





Chaotic evil



Psionic Ability


Special Attacks

Stun: Save vs. Spells or incapacitated for 1 round (1/day)

Level/X.P. Value



The yuan-ti of Praeder Island have lost the ability to create their own kind through the typical rituals and sacrifices common to their kind. Through the use of various minor nexus to the Abominable Plane, the best that they can muster are these degenerate forms of yuan-ti.

Yuan-ti degenerates appear as giant snakes with humanoid heads and arms. When fighting, the degenerate raises up on its tail and typically uses a tulwar (1d8) in melee combat. Degenerates are also known to use shortbows on occasion, as well as slings.


Though they lack the psionic abilities of their more advanced cousins, degenerates have the power to stun opponents with a magical attack that affects all within a 5’ radius. This power is magically based and requires a save versus Spells. Failure indicates that the victim loses his or her senses, dropping anything held in their hands and essentially being incapacitated for 1 round. The yuan-ti degenerate can use this power once per day.


Yuan-ti degenerates are typically used as shock troops and cannon fodder for their more powerful cousins.




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