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Treluk -- The Forbidden City of the Panians

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The City Key

Many of the areas listed in the published module have changed or been removed. Refer to the City Map for locations within the city.

As mentioned, four factions control the city. The following sections describe those areas.


Bugbears Blue

The area controlled by the bugbears is dominated by the cobbled-together fortress (area B). Behind this block and through the cave to the forgotten entrance, Staffal keeps regular guard posts and patrols. The no man’s land to the north and east of the block is leveled and cleared. Nothing larger than a good-sized sofa remains. This gives Staffal’s archers an open killing field.


Red Yuan-ti

The yuan-ti and their minions have done little to prepare their area of the city for confrontation. The buildings, though damaged and unstable by age, remain. They keep regular aerial patrols of their territory with their tasloi wasp-riders, while yuan-ti degenerates and the occasional abomination keep the streets cleared.


The snake-men keep their own passage into and out of the city (area E) and their tasloi minions lair in a massive grove of trees (area G)


Green R’Kaas

Halgaz Bekkur keeps this area well patrolled with his R’Kaas children and jungle orc minions. Many of the buildings in this area are collapsed and webbed over by the jungle orc’s steeds, hundreds of giant spiders. The jungle orcs camp in a ruined block that they’ve fortified with surrounding rubble (area I), while Bekkur has taken over a stone tower and connecting dungeon to conduct his continued experiments with the Abominable Plane. The R’Kaas velox, with supporting Swords, patrol heavily around their master’s lair, while the orcs keep the rest of the sector secured. 


Grey Bullywugs

The bullywugs control the vast majority of the city – the entire northern side – and they have made themselves the perfect habitat. The entire area highlighted in grey on the City Map is a flooded morass of oily water and thick mud, though the area is traversable through upper floors and roofs of the remaining buildings. From the western edge of the city, the water and mud stand about shin deep, but grow deeper the closer to the bullywug stockade one moves (area K) and into the caves of the Grandfather Toad (area D). The deepest part of the swamp, in fact a large stagnant lake, is the site of the Great Nexus (area L).


The frog-men don’t so much patrol this area as lurk everywhere in its murky depths and morasses. The western side of their sector is controlled by the Rukrug (area J), a clan of slightly more intelligent bullywugs who are willing to deal with anyone that provides them with the greatest strength and the largest tributes.


Other Encounter Areas

The remainder of this section provides changes from the published module and references to the events where these encounter areas are featured. The title of each section indicates the new encounter area. The description details what this area was in the original module.


Main Tunnel Entrance (Area C)

This encounter area has been re-tooled. The entrance tunnel still exists, however, it is a simple winding subterranean passage about 300’ long and varying between 50’ and 20’ wide. Throughout the tunnel and massed at the entrance is an innumerable army of bullywugs. The yuan-ti pay tribute to the bullywugs to use this entrance, though their numbers are regulated. Since opening up their secret entrance (Area E), the yuan-ti rarely use this passage.


Lair of the Grandfather Toad (Area D)

Original Area: Meeting the Mongrelmen

This area is tied to the Bullywug Faction mission detailed in the War in the City section.


The Towering Tree (Area E)

Original Area: The Tower Tree

This encounter is unchanged – though it is deep “behind the lines” of the yuan-ti controlled area. The tree is used by the yuan-ti to access the city.


The Shrine of the Serpent Goddess (Area F)

Original Area: Cave of the Brutish Bullywugs

This is the stronghold of the yuan-ti, as detailed in the XXX encounter.


Lair of the Treemen (Area G)

Original Area: Lair of the Treemen

This encounter area remains the same and comes into play during the Recruiting the Treemen mission. A nearby building and dungeon is the lair of tasloi’s leader and linchpin to the yuan-ti alliance, the vampiric drider, Bolduvee.


The Magi’s Palace (Area H)

Original Area: Court of the Master

This entire area has been replaced as described in the Against the Magi mission.


Camp of the Spider Orcs (Area I)

Original Area: Bugbear Brigands

This area has been replaced as described in the Against the Magi mission.


The Rebellious Clan (Area J)

Original Area: Ruins of the Mongrelmen

This area has been replaced as described in the Treating with the Rebellious Clan mission.


The Bullywug Stockade (Area K)

Original Area: The Bullywug Stockade

This area remains unchanged.


The Great Nexus (Area L)

Original Area: God of the Bullywugs

This area has been replaced as described in Into the Great Nexus.


The Unused Passage (Area M)

Original Area: The Swamp Horrors

The original area has been replaced as described in the Lost Army mission.


Back to War in the City of the Lizard.

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