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Gray elves are members of a rare race that shares all of the abilities of high elves, including resistance to sleep and charm, ability with sword and bow, infravision, detection of secret and concealed doors, and ability to move silently when alone. The two sub-races share the same languages. Gray elves receive a + 1 bonus to their dice roll for intelligence, giving beginning player characters a maximum score of 19 in this ability. Gray elves are not as common as high elves, and do not normally associate with humanoids other than elves for long periods. They are thinner than high elves, with hair color of silver or gold and eyes of amber and violet.


Wood elves, also known as sylvan elves, have abilities similar to those 10 of high elves, including resistance to sleep and charm, extra bonuses when wielding sword or bow, infravision, silent movement, and detection of secret and concealed doors. They speak elvish, common, treant, and the tongue of woodland mammals (much as gnomes may communicate with burrowing mammals), but no other languages to start with. They receive a bonus of + 1 to the initial dice roll for strength (but the normal maximum of 18 still applies), and must take a -1 penalty to their initially generated score for intelligence. Wood elves are more reserved than gray elves, and do not mix with the organized societies of other races on a regular or recurring basis. Wood elves have fair complexions, with hair color ranging from copper red to blonde and eyes of light brown, light green or hazel.


Wild elves, or grugach, shun outsiders even more fervently than other elves, and are xenophobic even with regard to other elven races. They have the standard elven characteristics of resistance to sleep and charm, bonuses “to hit” with bow and sword, infravision, moving silently, and detection of secret and concealed doors. Most of them speak the elvish language exclusively, though a player character grugach may know some of the common tongue as well. Wild elves are very strong, receiving a + 2 bonus to the dice roll for strength (up to a maximum of 18). Wild elves deal with other woodland creatures as if an animal friendship spell was in operation. Grugach can set pits, snares, and natural traps with a 90% chance of success. As shown on Character Race Table I, grugach are more limited than other elves in the class(es) they can practice; they can only be druids, fighters, or thieves (including assassin and acrobat), and can only be fighter/ thieves if multi-classed. They are similar in appearance to wood elves, but are smaller, thinner, and very fair.

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