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Vril Equipment

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Weapons and Equipment


The inhabitants of Fhere use various weapons and equipment, some archaic and some just bizarre.


Standard Equipment


Most weapons used by the planet’s inhabitants are standard archaic forms of spear, sword, lance/polearm, and the like. The only reliable ranged weapon developed on Fhere is the razor-bow, a weapon similar to a crossbow in operation, though it fires a hand-sized disc similar to a rotary saw blade. These discs come in a 10-disc magazine which slots into the back of the weapon.


Additionally, most races have access to shard technology, though all but the Vril use them exclusively as explosives in grenade form.


Standard Weapons
TypeRangeDamageWeightMin. Str.Notes
Razor Bow10/20/402d610d6Persistent 1d6 damage/round on a damage raise. Requires 1 action to cock and load. Requires 1 full round to reload disc magazine
Shard Grenade5/10/203d62d4Small burst template
Caltrops5/10/20Special2d4Notice check or 1d4 damage and -2 pace. Armor does not apply to Toughness (other than armored footwear)
Shard Caltrops5/10/20Special2d4Notice check or 2d6 damage Small burst template and -2 pace. Armor does not apply to Toughness (other than armored footwear).




Vril Technology


The Vril use an arcane technology that incorporates a bizarre kind of biological engineering, essentially creating 'living' machines and weapons. Vril scientists, all of the noble class, have mastered this technology and create weapons, flying machines, hovercraft, and even rudimentary computers that are living creatures. Manipulation of these machines is accomplished via a low-level telepathic link to the machine, thus, when a Teschact Centurion wields a Vril rifle, he mentally commands the thing to fire, though he must still lay the weapon on target. All sentient creatures can learn to manipulate Vril technology, though it requires training and experience to do so effectively.



Vril Plasma Weapons


Dor'tich are living creatures created by Vril scientists to act as portable ranged weapon systems for use on the battlefield. Though Dor'tich come in various sizes, as fits the mission, each weapon resembles a crustacean creature with many vestigial legs and a modified carapace. The user of the weapon inserts its hand under the carapace, gripping a series of muscles and nerves which in turn excite some portion of the creature. The Dor'tich fires a blob of a plasma-like substance infused with strange energies that have a variety of effects. This substance adheres to whatever it strikes and is effective against living creatures and inanimate objects. The Vril have recently modified the Dor'tich and created a shattergun which fires a hardened glob that explodes upon contact with a hard or soft target. The shattergun is usable 10 times before it requires 'feeding.' Feeding tubes inserted in the Dor'tich carapace provides the necessary fuel. Additionally, the Vril developed the plasmalance, which can be used as a reach melee weapon or a ranged plasma weapon. Plasmalances are the chosen weapon of the Dhoja slavetakers.


All Dor'tich weapons require a Spirit check to make low-level telepathic contact with the creature before they can be used. Those with the Vril Weapons Edge need not make a Spirit check to use a Dor'tich weapon. Though the wielder of the weapon must make an additional Spirit check when a Wound is received to maintain contact with the weapon, regardless of the edge.


Dor'tich Ranged Weapons
TypeRangeDamageCostWeightMin. Str.Notes
Plasma Gun5/10/202d6205d4Spirit check +1 on damage raise or target is struck unconscious
Plasma Rifle12/24/482d62010d4Spirit check on damage raise or target is struck unconscious
Shattergun10/20/402d6208d6Affects a small burst template - 10 shots
Plasmalance5/10/20STR+3 or 2d6208d6Spirit check on damage raise or target is struck unconscious


Vril Melee Weapons

Believed to be created from a symbiosis of a plant and animal, Han'uma weapons round out the Vril melee needs. Resembling willow saplings with insectoid features, the Han'uma are shaped into swords, knives, and even spears. The creature delivers a painful electro-chemical sting when weilded effectively.


Han'uma weapons require a Spirit check each round to reap the full benefits of the weapon (the sting), and suffer a -1 to damage when weilded without the link. The Vril Weapons Edge allows the weilder to use the weapon without constant Spirit checks. Anyone that receives a Wound while wielding a Han'uma weapon must make a Spirit check to re-establish the mental link necessary.


Han'uma Melee Weapons
TypeDamageCostWeightMin. Str.Notes
StingbladeSTR+132d4+1d6 damage on a fighting raise (sting)
StingswordSTR+385d6+1d6 damage on a fighting raise (sting)
StingspearSTR+288d6Reach 1, Parry +1, +1d6 damage on a fighting raise (sting)
Han'uma arrows2d61 each1 (20)d4+1d6 damage on a fighting raise (sting)




Vril Vehicles

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