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The Adventures of Timegirl and Friends



The Adventures of Timegirl is a 4-issue mini-series chronicling the adventures of the Amazing Timegirl. Along with her trusty companions, Kid Caveboy/Caveboy Kid, The Doctor, X and Y, Timegirl fights the insidious molemen, who have managed to neutralize heroes the world over. In the Supers-Special Series The Wanderers, Timegirl and her friends find the true masters of the world. Known by many as the Wanderers, the Junkmen, the Mechanical Horrors... also known as the Hobos!!!



Author's Note: I found Necessary Evil a great setting, but I wanted to avoid the slightly darker tone of playing super-villans with my kids. The Adventures of Timegirl uses Necessary Evil as its base ruleset, but the V'sori and others are replaced with the Molemen and the Hobos. You can thank John Hodgeman for that.




Having few resources and skills other than “Action!” Timegirl and her friends find themselves awakened to a world in disarray. The molemen control much of what was once the United States. Having neutralized the world's greatest super-heroes, normal citizens are either under the molemen's mental control or too afraid to resist. At the direction of the Seer, Timegirl and her friends fight for justice in a world gone mad.


Timegirl Issue #0: Timegirl vs. Sandsnake!


Timegirl Issue #1


Timegirl Issue #2


Timegirl Issue #3


Timegirl Issue #4



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Issue #0: Timegirl vs. Sandsnake!
Issue #1 1: Timegirl Issue #1
Issue #2 1: Timegirl Issue #2
Issue #3 1: Timegirl Issue #3
Issue #4 1: Timegirl Issue #4
Ships and Vehicles
Mooks and Wild Cards


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