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The Soul Gem

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The Soul Gem is a short collection of adventures that originated when I combined Pirates of the Spanish Main, Spelljammer, and some browsing of Sundered Skies, and Evernight, then I threw in some sauce from the old Sengoku game, shook it up real good and...well, here it is. It's kind of a head-fake, as it starts in a semi-typical Japanese-esque fantasy setting and then quickly goes into a pulpy space fantasy action...thing. I'm writing this as we play, so we'll see where it goes.



Having few resources and skills other than “Action!” the heroes must deal with whatever the GM puts in front of them, be it shinobi with shotguns or spider space pirates from the planet Zuuk.




Character Options



Episode 1 - Fight at Century Tower


Episode 2 -


Episode 3 -




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Episode 1: Fight at Century Tower
Episode 2:
Episode 3:

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