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The Force

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The Force

Savaged Knights

The rules for using the Force are similar to those outlined in the Star Wars PDF found here: http://members.shaw.ca/red-24/html/savage_worlds.html. Additional rules are outlined below.


Using the Force

When a force user uses a power, they make a skill check corresponding with the type of power being used (Alter, Control, Sense). On a success, the power is used as described, and the force user takes a Fatigue level. On a failure, the affects of the power are not realized and the user takes a Fatigue level and is Shaken. On a skill check raise, the affects of the power are realized and there are no other effects to the force user. There are no Power Points for non-Dark Side Force powers.


Dark Side Powers

Dark side powers use Power Points, as described in the PDF linked above. All dark side powers otherwise use the rules presented in the Using the Force section above.

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