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The Dar System

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The Dar System

Savaged Knights


Planet: Dar
Planet Type:
Climate: Tropical
Terrain: Varied
Length of Day:
Length of Year:
Sentient Species: None native
Species Mix:
Government: Oligarchy
Major Exports: Manufactured Goods, Machinery, Capital Ship Parts
Major Imports: Foodstuffs, Raw Materials, Workers
System/Star: Dar
Planets: 10
Moons: 3




Dar is a major industrial planet located on the Perlemian Trade Route spireward from Brentaal. Considered one of the key manufacturing centers in the Core, Dar builds much of the equipment, computers, and machinery that keep the Core Worlds functioning. The planet itself is semi-tropical, with a variety of ecosystems, from the frigid polar icecaps to the lush tropical forests and broad savannahs of the equator. There are four main continents; the two largest clustered in the southern hemisphere. Much of the northern half of the planet consists of large island chains and vast, warm oceans.




Dar has a relatively young regime; the planet was purchased by a wealthy noble family from Coruscant, then leased to industrialists seeking relief from the planet’s crushing taxes. In addition to churning out manufactured goods, Dar is a haven for many tax shelters. The northern areas of the planet have only recently been discovered by the Core elites and a few resorts have sprung up in the pleasant archipelagoes, snow-capped mountains and the warm tranquil seas.




Most of the permanent inhabitants of Dar are workers, many indentured, industrial managers, and those that serve both. In the north, many tourists make temporary residence on Dar, as well as the employees of the scattered resorts. The rest of the planet is practically uninhabited by sentient races, though a few smugglers keep secret kips in the heavy jungles.




Menchen Spaceport

The Menchen Spaceport is actually a city serving all of the planetary import and export business. Managed by Menchen Logistics, Ltd, the city is home to most of the offworlders, as well as the workers and managers needed to ship out manufacturing goods and receive raw materials, foodstuffs and the like. Menchen also has a sizable mercenary trade, consisting mostly of the flotsam that builds up in any spaceport.


Menchen’s underworld is controlled by Shanik the Hutt, though she vies for power over the Silver Star criminal organization, a transplant from Coruscant brought in by the industrialists to spy on labor organizers, mercenaries, and Shanik’s sizable spice trade. Recently, a cell of slicers calling themselves Black Dune have also appeared in Menchen. Many believe that the industrialists also employ them to conduct computer espionage on their rivals and labor organizers, though some say they are there for a different reason.



Blane Industrial Park

The Sullustan microchip billionaire R’dun Blane fell on hard times a few years ago, and as a result, his multi-billion credit industrial center outside of Menchen city has fallen to ruin. Only a few of the more lucrative factories still operate as Blane Holdings reorganizes under debt protection. The area has been claimed by a swoop gang named the Jets, led by the Toong crimelord, Hyke Waulkin. The Jets run one of Shanik the Hutts protection rackets in the BIP and nearby industrial centers, when they are not splattering their brains on improvised racetracks throughout the area.


Diathem Casino Royale


Once a castaway on Iego, the Togruta casino boss Ashla, managed to strike it rich on her first venture after being rescued from the doomed planet. Ashla runs the Diathem Royale, a massive structure on the northernmost point of Dar’s main continent, Urmen. The casino extends from a high basalt cliff, using repulsor lifts to keep over half of its bulk above the crashing waves of the ocean below. The floor of the Diathem consists of a clear steel allowing patrons to watch holograms of the casino’s space-angel namesakes cavort below. The casino attracts locals and tourists, and is listed in the Great Galaxy Travel Guide as a spot not to miss. Intrigue abounds at the Diathem, here on the tattered edge of the Core where businessmen alight to avoid taxes and others converge to prey on them.

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