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The Big Show

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The Big Show


After completing a harrowing mission to bring a wayward scientist back to the British Special Services, the heroes are tapped to find a missing British diplomatic pouch tracked to Olympus, a Greek colony world near the Geneva system. Arriving on the mountainous icy world, the heroes must track down the British operative Blackjack in the streets of Acarnan, a small starport that services local merchants and smugglers. Here they discover an artists’ commune led by an Ethiopian mafia don obsessed with the Traveling Villanova Brothers, a trio of wrestling performance artists. After surviving a bout with the Brothers, the heroes track down Blackjack in a mountaintop opium den and find out that he’s a flipped agent for the Reich. Information from this fight leads them back to the Villanova Brothers who have fled the system. Catching up to them on Tyro, a strange water-filled asteroid, the heroes face off against the brothers and their contact, Hede Massing, a mind-agent of Eisenfaust and her alien minions.


Prelude: In the Service of the King


Act I: The Prince and the Wrestlers


Act II: Invasion of the Steel Men


Act III: Mind Agent of Eisenfaust



Background Information
System Brief: Olympus
Ships and Vehicles
Mooks and Wild Cards

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