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Temple of the Fire God




Temple of the Fire God is a Savaged Pulp Serial set in the world of Edward Kann's excellent Rocketship Empires 1936. If you love space opera, Nazis and crazy pulp action, I encourage you to check out this excellent and affordable resource.




Having few resources and skills other than “Action!” the heroes must brave the dangers and horrors of the planet Chaco in the Racimo Cluster, while trying to protect their charge, the mysterious Dr. Turnbull. Fighting crazed cannibals, scheming Nazis, and horrifying creatures, the heroes find the secret of the Chaco and the Temple of the Fire God.




The Good Doctor


Secrets of the Chaco


Episode 1 - The Wages of Fear


Episode 2 - Outpost Paraíso


Episode 3 - Death in Masu huk'ucha


Episode 4 - A Little Piece of the Moon





Main Page
The Good Doctor
Secrets of the Chaco
Episode 1: Wages of Fear
Episode 2: Outpost Paraíso
Episode 3: Death in Masu huk'ucha
Episode 4: A Little Piece of the Moon
Ships and Vehicles
Mooks and Wild Cards


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