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Season 1

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Battlestar Galactica: The Chronicles of the Manasseh


Note: This scenario was developed from the excellent resource created by John Brown and Rick Peterson: Savage Battlestar


Season 1



Four months after the second Cylon war, the planet Canceron remains in ruins. A small but vigorous resistance movement attempts to evacuate what's left of the population while bitter political and religious rivals work toward the destruction of the Cylon invading force and others that oppose them.



Canceron was the breadbasket of the colonies before the second Cylon war began, and was a primary target in the Cylon battleplans. Due to its obvious strategic nature, Canceron was decimated in the attack. All population centers were utterly destroyed in the initial nuclear strike, but strangely, the sizable outlying areas were untouched. After the destruction of the majority of the human population, the Cylons built several military and research stations in the outlying areas. Most of these were support and resupply facilities, for, in addition to agriculture, Canceron was rich in Tilium. Though some have speculated that this was the reason for the preservation of the outlying areas, most also realize that the majority of the refining facilities were built in the cities.


Though most of the population was destroyed, a sizable, but dispersed, refugee population remains. Of these, a strong and rather organized resistance movement has risen. Most of these fighters merely want Canceron back the way it was, though even they realize that's not possible. Others try to organize an evacuation of themselves and isolated pockets of refugees, though none have managed to accomplish this yet. A small percentage have an inkling as to why Canceron is important. For them, they either attempt to stop the Cylons by direct conflict, or through a scorched-earth policy.


Canceron was settled by the tribe associated with Artemis. This tribe, named Manasseh, was led by a man that lost his faith in the 12 gods of Kobol. As a result, the Manasseh were oppressed by the other tribes, and it was only that Canceron became so integral in the functioning of the 12 colonies, that it wasn't completely exiled from the others. Over the centuries, Canceron was settled by a diverse population, since the planet needed vast amounts of physical labor for its fields and mines. Two hundred years ago, religious, labor and human rights issues came to a head and a massive rebellion rocked Canceron. The workers, primarily agnostic or adherents of the gods of Kobol, prevailed and powerful Mannasseh, many of them in the upper echelons of society and government, were driven underground. Though the government did not survive, powerful off-world conglomerates did and continued to control Canceron's resources. Those common people that still followed Mannasseh's teachings likewise had to bury their faiths or risk persecution. Throughout the last two hundred years, vocal, but ineffective politicians have attempted to bring back religious freedoms for the Manasseh. Their actions were hindered, however, by the terrorist actions of the Manasseh underground, who plagued the corporate agricultural and mining operations, as well as offworld shipping.


When the Cylon attacks came, the Manasseh were among the few that survived because they lived in the most remote and inhospitable places on the planet.


What's Really Going On?


Though the chaos of the attack has masked various Cylon ulterior motives for most of the surviving colonials, either on Canceron or not, some wonder why the Cylons did not destroy the entire planet. Their pinpoint targetting took out all population centers but left the 'breadbasket' of the planet untouched. Though most believe that the Cylons coveted Canceron's massive fuel deposits, a very few know what the Cylons are after.


When the great purges came, the Manasseh divided themselves into 13 'tribes' and scattered across the planet, intent on fighting what they felt was a holy war against the corrupt and occult colonials. One of these tribes, the Opercula, consisted mainly of scientists and engineers in Canceron's miniscule military research industry. As these 'brightest and boldest' of the Manessah fled with their families, they took many of their secrets with them. One of these secrets consisted of only a few theoretical ideas for combating the Cylons, should they return ('when they return' as the Manasseh would say). Over the next two centuries, these theories were put to the test in secret laboratories buried deep in Chalcedon, a equatorial island nation where the inhabitants were sympathetic to the Manessah cause.


About a year before the second Cylon war, Ramos Gaal, a Opercula scientist working on one of the Cylon theories, discovered a way to make speculation a reality. A super-weapon that disrupted the Cylons complex bio-network communications could protect the colonies from utter destruction. What Gaal did next caused divisions even in this divisive group: He shelved it. In addition to being a gifted scientist, Ramos Gaal was a direct descendant of Ebed Manasseh, the founder of the Canceron

colony. Though not a particularly spiritual man, Gaal has worked tirelessly to assist his people in regaining their freedoms, but to no avail. What Gaal knew was that if the Cylons attacked (and he was sure they would, eventually), not only would the majority of Canceron be spared because of the massive fuel deposits, but also, the outlying areas, like Chalcedon and other Manasseh strongholds, would be spared. Once the enemies of the Manasseh were destroyed, Gaal speculated, they could deploy the weapon, repel the invaders and remake Canceron in Ebed Manasseh's original



Unfortunately, the Opercula have been under the eye of the Cylons. One of Gaal's most trusted assistants, Diana Arges, came to the group three years ago with bona fides confirming her as a Manasseh agent on the run. Skilled in mechanical and electrical engineering, Diana assisted Gaal in the practical development of the original theories the Opercula brought with them when they fled. Many of these developments helped the Opercula community, like more efficient uses for fuel and better supply chains, but she also helped him develop technologies that supported his most secret experiment, the bio-mechanical nerve agent that could doom the Cylons. It was she that also convinced him to shelve the project, and to use it after the Cylons invaded.


When this contraversial decision was made, many in the group thought Gaal had taken his hatred of Colonial rule too far. In the ensuing conflict, the Opercula split, with Gaal, Diana, and their supporters on one side, and John Muriel and his followers on the other.


Muriel is a gifted engineer, but also a charismatic spiritual leader within the Opercula. He believes that not only are the Manasseh chosen by a single all-powerful god to rule the Canceron, and the colonies, he believes that he _is_ that leader. Though some outside the group might call him power hungry and insane, his position is bolstered by the fact that the major events that he has prophesied have all come to pass. The continued Manasseh purges, certain attacks on the enclaves of dissidents, and even the crash landing of a Cylon fighter near Chalcedon about a year ago. What is known to no one, including Muriel, is that the engineer-cum-prophet is a Cylon.


After the split, open conflict between the two camps erupted, and in a pivotal battle, Muriel's group stole the weapon and design plans from Gaal. Muriel himself was blinded and crippled, though his people managed to spirit him and the weapon away from Chalcedon.


On the day of the Cylon attack, Gaal's group had discovered the location of the splinter Opercula group, but all their plans dissolved into chaos as Chaldeon was on the toaster's secondary target list for its sizable refining facilities. In the aftermath, only Gaal, Diana Arges and a handful of their people survived.


Knowing the time and date of the Cylon attack helped Muriel's group. They installed themselves in an abandoned Fleet stronghold beneath another island far out in the Amber Sea where they plan for the eventual ascension of their prophet-leader and the subjugation of Cylons and idolatrous Colonials alike.



Lower Wolves Part 1

In which the heroes regroup and gather resources for the coming storm...


Lower Wolves Part 2

In which the heroes discover that not everyone on Canceron is working to the same purpose...


The Angel and the Pearl

In which the heroes become embroiled in a war between ideals...









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