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Plots and Complications

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Savaged Adventures

A Savage Worlds scenario repository


Fantasy Adventures



Tysaan: The Prison of Abazad


With their careers on the line, the party searches the port city of Greenstone for the Purple Sapphire, only to get tied up with Crab River shanty-town politics and a cult to Dagon, the Prince of the Deep.




Tysaan: Night of the Red Knives





Tysaan: Trail of the Devastator



Deep in the Brushnab wilderness, the heroes find Fort Durgin destroyed, its inhabitants slain, and a giant hold burned through the living rock revealing the plundered tomb of an elvish hero. On the trail of the attackers, the heroes must face off against war trolls, fiery salamanders and the Devastator, an Infernal hydra, in search of the fabled Balor's Skull!



Tysaan: The Shimmering Castle




Alyris: The Soul Gem



Battlestar Galactica


Battlestar Galactica: The Chronicles of the Manasseh



On the planet of Canceron, the heroes must choose whether to take sides in a generational religious conflict while resisting the Cylon invaders, giving solace to the many Canceronian refugees, and eventually escaping the planet. All the while, both the Cylons and two Cancerionian factions race to develop a super-weapon that could doom the whole planet.



Pirates of the Spanish Main



In the Chains of Del Grillo -- Pirates One-shot



The heroes must fight their way out of a slavers hold, only to face a French betrayal.









Planet of Fear



Falling prey to a strange entity called Mindhead, the heroes are transported to the mauve twilight planet of Fhere, where they face off against arachno-men, the dread Rat Lords, and the Great Reaches of the Vril Empire.



Rocketship Empires 1936

Temple of the Fire God


On the planet of Chaco in the Racimo Cluster, the heroes race against hungry cannibals, Nazi cultists, and the eyeless moon men to find the secrets of the ancient humans, only to face the Great Fire God worshipped by civilizations across the galaxy.



The Big Show


The heroes must negotiate the complicated politics of the Greek smuggler world Olympus in order to find a missing British operative and the diplomatic pouch that he carried.


Project Hammerden 


On the wintry world of Chu, the heroes must discover the fate of a lost British Special Services team while threading the needle between Chinese colonists bent on rebellion, the invading Imperial Japanese Navy and a Soviet special project to mutate the natives of Chu into beastmen super-soldiers! 







The Adventures of Timegirl and Friends



Timegirl and friends must battle the evil molemen and their arch-enemies, the hobos on an Earth devastated by war.






Noir City



Born of too much GTA, Godfather and Max Payne. Still working out the details...




More video game conversions. It seems that whatever game I play, movie I see, or odd event in real life -- it eventually makes it into a Savage Worlds scenario...




Star Frontiers: Blacklight





I Robot: Central Texas Apocalyse







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