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System Brief: Olympus

System Name: ArgesStar Color: YellowHabitable Planets: Olympus, Pirene 4



Moons: 3 (Zeus, Hera, Pitys)

Climate Range: Cold; warm to frigid

Atmosphere: 65% Nitrogen, 20% oxygen, 15% other

Gravity: 1.06

Length of Day: 22 hours

Average Surface Temperature: 10 degrees Celsius



Olympus is a rocky and mountainous planet somewhat colder than Earth mostly due to the higher elevations. Most of the planet’s water is locked up in continent-spanning glaciers, though a shallow cold “sea” winds through the lower elevations like a massive river.



Though cold, Olympus still supports a diverse biology, including sprawling alpine forests and lowland tundras of nutritious grasses. There are no known reptiles or amphibians on Olympus, though mammals and birds thrive, from the stocky Galenil’s, an ostrich-like grazing bird, to lion and wolf-like predators, to the smallest shrewbirds that quickly breed on the tundra plains. In the radial Ambrosia sea, a slurry of plankton support cow-sized water mammals, a variety of fish and other sea life.



Olympus is a lightly colonize world. Though major mining operations are situated throughout the equatorial regions, these sites are populated only in the summer months. There are three permanent settlements: Loga (the capital), Acarnan, and Episkopi. All three service merchant ships transitioning to the Free Space Lanes, though not at the volume of the Geneva System interchanges. Typically Olympus provides interchange services for small merchants that either wish to avoid exhorbinate rates charged by the Swiss bankers or those that wish to remain “off the radar.” Acarnan is well known for its smuggler trade.



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System Brief: Olympus
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