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Noir City: Making a Living

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Making a Living

Life in Noir City is hard for the cops and the robbers. Everyone busts their butts all day trying to scratch out a fortune from the hard and dirty streets, and everyone has side projects that net them a little cash when times are lean.


The table below provides guidelines for steady income, rewards, and scores, as well as the going rate for various things stolen and sold.



Income for the heroes and villains in Noir City assume that the hero has a regular job (or steady set of cons) that bring in some regular income. This also assumes that the hero has to spend a considerable amount of time doing their “regular” job, whether that’s patrolling the mean streets, tracking down bounties, or knocking people over the head and taking wallets. After general living expenses, this should only leave a couple of hundred dollars a month for the luxuries that everyone in Noir City craves.


Base Pay

        Patrolman -- $3000/month

            Bounty Hunter -- $2500/month

            Bondsman – $2500/month

            Private Investigator - $3000/month

            Hood - $2500/month




Side Projects

The incomes listed under Side Projects are put forth as a guideline for how much a given job should pay if successful.  In order to net the actual cash, the hero must complete the job, which is up to the GM to devise. The payout may be dependent on collecting the fee, bounty, contract, etc. or lining up a fence for stolen items and is represented by the formula listed, barring any roleplaying bonuses or other GM discretion.

            Bounty, Minor – (|Corruption|+Intimidation check)*$10

            Bounty, Major – (|Corruption|+Intimidation check)*$100

            Investigation, Minor – (|Corruption|+Persuasion check)*$20

            Investigation, Major -- (|Corruption|+Persuasion check)*$200

            Bodyguard, Unknown -- (|Corruption|+Intimidation check)*$15

            Bodyguard, Famous -- (|Corruption|+Intimidation check)*$150

            Contract Hit, Minor -- (|Corruption|+Intimidation check)*$100

            Contract Hit, Major -- (|Corruption|+Intimidation check)*$1000

            Theft, Minor -- (|Corruption|+Streetwise check)*$10

            Theft, Major -- (|Corruption|+Streetwise check)*$100

            Theft, Big Score -- (|Corruption|+Streetwise check)*$1000

            Con, Short -- (|Corruption|+Streetwise check)*$100

            Con, Long -- (|Corruption|+Streetwise check)*$1000



Everyone in the war for the streets needs tools, substances and gear to get by. They also might run across a cache of stuff and need to offload it somewhere. Additionally, each item has a relative metric for determining how fast an item can be found to buy or how fast one can find a buyer.




Credit Cards

ID, Low Quality

ID, High Quality

Carjacking Kit



Bullet-proof Vest

Cop-killer Bullets

Military Grade Weapons

Civilian Grade Weapons



Retail amounts are 1 gram. Dosage amounts vary and are listed in percentages of a gram. Wholesale amounts are 1 kilogram. A successful Streetwise check (or Persuasion for Wholesale) reduces the listed prices and costs 10%, plus 10% for each raise for a maximum of 50%. 

Drug                            Street Price              Cost                Single Dose

Cocaine, Retail         $100                           $50                 1/10

Cocaine, Wholesale   $30,000                      $15,000

Crack, Retail            $30                            $15                  1/10

Crack, Wholesale      $20,000                     $10,000

Pot, Retail                $5                              $3                   1/2

Pot, Wholesale          $1000                        $300

Heroin, Retail           $100                          $50                 1/5

Heroin, Wholesale     $30,000                     $15,000

Meth, Retail             $80                            $40                 1/4

Meth, Wholesale       $40,000                     $20,000


Sometimes a hero needs some help, or some new employees. The Retail price is what can be expected if the person is approached through a middle-man for a one-off job, as it were. On the Payroll is the monthly cost if the professional is hired for a long-term engagement.

                                                Retail                          On the Payroll

Hooker, Skank                       $40                             $800/month

Hooker, Quality                    $500                           $2000/month

Hit Man, Gunsel                    $150                           $1000/month

Hit Man, Assassin                 $1000                         $5000/month

Thug, Street                         $50                             $1000/month

Thug, Enforcer                     $500                           $2000/month

Thief, Mugger                       $100                           $1000/month

Thief, Professional               $5000                         $5000/month

Hacker, Script Kiddie          $500                           $2000/month

Hacker, Leet                         $1000                         $4000/month

Bodyguard, Fattie                 $100                           $1500/month

Bodyguard, Chuck Norris    $1000                         $4000/month

Detective, Gumshoe             $500                           $2500/month

Detective, Eliot Ness           $1500                         $4500/month

Bounty Hunter, Dog             $500                           $2500/month

Bounty Hunter, Seagal         $1000                         $4000/month



A thug’s gotta have wheels. A crime fighter needs a sweet ride. Both sides need cars that are unmarked, untraceable, and in some cases, able to be turned into ready cash at the used car dealer or chop shop. Vehicles are available everywhere, of course, but those that are available for sale or ripe for acquisition may be rare. This is meant as a general guideline, of course. The GM is the rule. To find a car for sale, the buyer makes a Streetwise or Investigation check; to find a car that’s vulnerable, make a Streetwise roll, modified by the Availability.To legitimately sell a car, the seller must make a Persuasion check; to sell a stolen car, the thug makes a Streetwise check.

                                                Availability                                      Sale Price

Car, Standard                                   +1                                             check*$100

Car, Performance                              -1                                             check*$1000

Truck, Standard                               +1                                             check*$200

Truck, Performance                          -1                                             check*$1500

SUV, Standard                                 +1                                             check*$500

SUV, Performance                            -1                                             check*$2000




The Fence


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