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Timegirl Issue #0


DAVgen facilities run on independent power sources that keep the stasis chambers, automated defenses and archives functioning, however, Unit 9978 in what was once Tempe, AZ experienced a malfunction that shorted out its stasis chambers and destroyed its archives. Three of the four heroes housed here did not survive.



Timegirl must recover from her stasis, defeat the facility’s defenses, recover Timecat and make contact with Seer to exit the facility.



Though the stasis tubes and administrative computer systems have failed, the DAVgen facility’s security protocols are still in place. Additionally, the molemen have recently dispatched a scouting force to the area after finding mention of the facility in old messageboard posts. Finally, Timegirl suffers from debilitating effects of her stasis.


Stasis Sickness

The strain of the stasis process, in addition to the interruption of the process, leaves Timegirl initially weakened and ill. Upon waking, the character starts Exhausted. Essentially, Timegirl lacks for sleep, food and water. This special Exhausted condition potentially worsens if she uses her powers. Each time the character uses a superpower, she must make a Vigor check (at -2 for Exhaustion) or become Incapacitated. Spending a bennie allows her to use her superpowers without a Vigor check.


Consuming a Powercake and water partially relieves Timegirl, moving her condition to Fatigued (the restriction on super powers remains). If she gets 4 hours of sleep, she fully recovers from her Fatigue. Use of a Stimpack can also temporarily relieve Fatigue, though she could be Incapacitated once the Stimpack wears off.



The facility is guarded by sentry robots, automated cannons, and clever traps. Various alarms throughout the facility alert the moleman scouting party to the presence of a living hero in the facility.


Sentry Robot


Automated Cannon



Random Events

1, 3 Traps, Hazards and Alarms

2, 4 Boons and Helpers


Traps, Hazards and Alarms

1 – Silent Alarm – Trips via laser matrix covering an entire corridor or door. Sends sentry robots to investigate (2 per wild card)

2 – Flamethrower Trap – 2d10, Cone

3 – Automate Cannon – as above. Notice check gets the drop (either way).

4 – Ruptured Power Cell – Medium Burst Template, Vigor check or suffer Radiation poisoning (Fatigue Level; If Incapacitated, gain the Anemic Hindrance)

5 – Unstable Corridor – Agility check or the ceiling collapses. Second Agility check per movement square or suffer 2d6 damage. Corridor is blocked if check is failed. Buried on snake-eyes.

6 – Audible Alarm – Trips via a pressure plate. Alarm is a klaxon alerts the moleman scouting party.


Boons and Helpers

1 – Helper Robot – One of the sentry robots has been reprogrammed and serves the character with a Repair success.

2 – Hero in Stasis – One of the other heroes is found in stasis

3 – Powercake - Only one cake can be eaten per hour. Powercakes remove one penalty point from exhaustion for 10 minutes. Eating more than one causes extreme nausea (Spirit check -2 or Shaken)

4 – Hero in Statis – as above

5 – Timecat – Timegirl finds Timecat, which gives her the ability to jump back 2 rounds.

6 –Respite (no encounters for 10 minutes), Roll again if all heroes and Timecat are found on second 6, exit is found.


Moleman Scouting Party

The Molemen dispatched a scouting party to either capture any wakened heroes or ensure that they are destroyed. Supported by three crocs, the molemen sent one of their lesser heroes, the Sand Snake, under mind control. The Sand Snake hangs back, firing his ranged attack and hemming in Timegirl with his Stinging Cyclone power. If Timegirl dispatches the Crocs, he attacks with his cyclone in earnest and follows it up with sand blast ranged attacks. If he takes two wounds, and succeeds in a Spirit check, Denison D’Vor is released from the mind control. He immediately gives up and helps Timegirl escape.


Croc: 2 per wildcard


The Sand Snake (AKA Denison D’Vor)




The exit from the facility requires a Lockpick success on the control panel, or the door must be battered down (Toughness 10, Heavy Armor). Once out, the Seer’s robot jet appears, hovering overhead and then slowly lands. As the dust clears, a holoprojector transmits the Seer’s message:


“Congratulations. You have successfully escaped your captivity and have proven yourself worthy to bring the fight to our oppressors, who already know that you’ve escaped. If you accept this proposal, climb aboard. If you choose not to join the fight, our oppressors will hunt you continually until you are turned or dead.


What is your answer?”


If Timegirl rejects the proposal, the jet lifts off.



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