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Interlude 2 - The Prisoner and the Djinni

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Interlude 2 – The Prisoner and the Djinni


The Prison of Abazad


Encounter Summary: The party learns that not only have they stumbled onto a much more nefarious plot within Greenstone, they have also become entrapped in an ages old curse.




This interlude assumes that the group has defeated the Cult, or at least escape with the gem and the thief. Bittersnail soon succumbs to his wounds, meaning that whoever holds the gem is the new “lucky owner.” Abazad immediately makes contact with the owner, informing him or her of the curse and making them an offer.


The Djinni



Fair master! You have won me fair and square, and I, a loyal djinni of the East Wind, am bound to you for one thousand and one days. At the end of this glorious period, you must willingly give this gem to a random person without explanation. Unfortunately, if you do not, you will be consumed by the fires of the Ifrit where you stand. I’m afraid there is another catch that will not be pleasant. My prison is inescapable and bears a nasty curse. May the farts of a thousand camels linger in that bastard, Ali-Ashara’s nasal passages. The curse extends to you, draining what fortune that has already smiled on you, and robbing you of future fortunes.The good news is, that I have a way to break the curse and to free myself from this prison…I think I do anyway…well, I hope I do…


The Prisoner

Abazad tries to convince the group not to take him to the Museum, since he has already delivered his message, and the cult of Dagon obviously attempted to betray him by using what power resided in the gem (and his own) to fuel their fell rites. He also knows that Professor Bell was not the intended recipient of the message (indicating that the Professor is not tied up with the cult). If the group insists on going to the museum, run the next scene. If the group decides not to return the gem to the Museum, they must face the consequences in Scene 6. Though Abazad is imprisoned, his extensive knowledge of both this area and the land of burning sands should prove useful, though his manner may be a bit annoying.


Abazad promises a wish to the bearer of the gem if he is freed from his prison, and tells the group that the only way he can think of to remove the curse is to convince his captor, Ali-Ashara, to reverse the incantation that binds him to the gem. Abazad knows that Ali-Ashara was last seen in the Gana, the City of Riches in Zakhara, far to the south.


The Prison

The Prison of Abazad is a fist-sized purple sapphire where the djinni Abazad bin Halad was imprisoned ages ago by the task master djinni, Ali-Ashara Usbiyad. Whomever possesses the gem receives the following curse:

  • The Bad Luck Hindrance (one less benny per session)
  • The gem can never be removed from the possessor’s person. Anytime the gem is more than five feet from the possessor, it reappears in his or her hand.
  • The bearer of the gem has notorious bad luck. The consequences of this curse is left up the GM to enact. The character might contract a random disease when it's least convenient (and cause an epidemic), purchasing equipment costs 10% more and is prone to failure at the most inopportune times, or the character develops a smell that is offensive to animals, causing them to attack or flee in terror. This is especially troublesome if the character has an animal companion, needs to ride a horse or other mount, or otherwise walk down the street in a typical Tysaanian town.


The gem is indestructible, crosses planar boundaries to return to its owner (instantaneously). Nothing short of the will of Ali-Ashara, divine intervention or death can otherwise remove the curse or the gem from the owner’s possession. In the latter case, the first sentient being to touch the gem becomes the new owner.




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