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Project Hammerden


A coarse wind blew through the jagged opening in the glacier. Applelimb grunted as he shifted position and then folded the stiff woolen blanket back around his shoulders. The dead staring eyes of his companion Saintearly burned into him….Johnny… no need for codenames now. There was no one left. Nothing. Project Tombring was a disaster. The whole team wiped out. They had the intelligence, if the cold hadn’t ruined the film canisters. Applelimb couldn’t even be sure if IHQ received his last squirt…a request for pickup. The radio batteries had died soon after. He shifted again, his leg feeling frozen. The bleeding had stopped, but he couldn’t stop shivering. He drew hard on the last of his cigarette and flipped it down into the icy chasm behind him. This glacial cave had been a godsend. The Soviet drones had stopped searching for him hours ago…right at dusk, the incessant whine of their hovermotors fading off into the tyrannical wind.


Suddenly, a distinct howling carried over the shriek of that wind and Applelimb started.


“Sonofa…” he muttered, pulling the Sten into his lap and forcing back the near frozen bolt.


The Soviets were back…with their “dogs.” They’d find him this time. Those hulking, bestial…things. His cheeks suddenly felt very cold, as Applelimb began crying, despite himself.

Project Hammerden is a Savage Worlds adventure based in the Rocketship 1936 campaign world by Edward Kann. Thanks to pshultze for the original idea of the antagonists used for this adventure.

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