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Episode 2 - Outpost Paraíso

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Episode 2 - Outpost Paraíso



With a handful of mysteries, the heroes must help Doctor Turnbull make rendezvous with his contact, investigate the origins of an alien artifact found in the jungles, and figure out how to fix their ship all before the Nazis attack.


The Outpost is the largest settlement on Chaco and a crossroads of locals, native laborers, stranded expatriates, veterans of the Chaco War, and flotsam from across the Racimo Cluster.


Totaling 10,000 souls at any given time, Paraíso is composed of a sprawling shantytown clustered around a small starport, a presidio and a massive, stinking swampworks and refining facility.


This episode has three key scenes, as well as much roleplaying as the heroes can stomach. Key areas are detailed in this episode, though the rest of the Outpost is up to the GM’s design.


The heroes probably have a few goals. The likely ones are listed below with the most helpful scene for accomplishing those goals:


  • Make Contact with Turnbull’s lead: Information Gathering and The Spy
  • Fix the ship: Play this one by ear for the parts they need, but they’ll have to figure out the secret of the Laqha’uku in order to mount an expedition back to the crash site.
  • Research the Alien Artifact: Information Gathering and The Mystic
  • Figure out why their ship was attacked: Information Gathering and When Nazis Attack!


Information Gathering

The heroes have a handful of questions they need answered, probably starting with why the Paraguayan air force would want to shoot them down. Below is a table of typical information the heroes might seek and the likelihood they’ll find the answers they need:


The Attack

This requires either a Streetwise roll and some cash or an Investigate roll and some time. The information gained is per attempt and success with additional information if the hero rolls a raise. On a failure, the hero must roll a Stealth versus a d8 Notice, as the Western Black Sun Society has spies and informants all over the Outpost. A failure indicates that they were “made” and the Nazis know where to find them. They are trailed by Nazi agents, as described in When Nazis Attack!


  • The Paraguayan Air Force is defunct (raise: They work for the highest bidder, raise2: They are working for Goni Colque, a Bolivian mercenary).
  • Several recent visitors (non-regulars) have reported being accosted when they tried to fly in. (raise: They were forced down, questioned, and then released. Raise2: They mentioned that the line of questioning centered on alien artifacts).


Additional Information (from raises above)

  • Goni Colque has a site out in the jungle, an old airfield, where he keeps his operation. Lots of smuggling, some drugs, but mostly he hires his boys out as enforcers. (Raise: Goni’s tied up in a contract with some offworlders. Raise2: A Colonel in the German Star Empire and the Russian hero of the Chaco War: General Baileff have secured

Goni’s exclusive contact).

  • Goni and his employers are looking for alien artifacts found in the jungles. (Raise1: They look like metal or ceramic cylinders Raise2: Madame Tiky’ta, a mystic in the shantytown knows about them.


Alien Artifacts

Either investigating the item the heroes found or following up on other information, the heroes are likely to hear wild stories about the silvery metal cylinders that turn up in pawnshops from time to time. The information below is accurate, and takes a Streetwise raise to gain. Any failures or “less than raise” results are wild speculation and rumors, though you can drop a few other tidbits from other information areas if you’re being a Kind GM™. There are no Investigate options for alien artifacts, as they are unknown outside of a few Guarani and other local folk.


  • General Locals: These things turn up from time to time. I’ve seen one or two at pawnshops. I heard they were Martian artifacts. (raise2: Electronically, they have some communication function, but no one’s ever gotten one to work).
  • Guarani: The sky batons are worshipped by the Wanu, our lost brothers. (raise2: They collect them in the jungle and build them into shrines and other iconography).
  • Scholarly type: This distinctive writing is not Martian. In fact, it’s very similar to Earth-Sumerian, though it seems to be an offshoot. (raise2: I have heard theories that they are actually ancient human artifacts.)
  • Scholarly type 2: These markings are clearly meant to indicate location or a pointer of some kind. (raise2: These are markers to a specific location or locations, however, this one doesn’t function. I believe that this one, or any you find, would only function if taken to their original location).
  • Seedy: This here is what the Colonel is looking for. (raise2: That German fellow…Kune? June? Can’t remember)


Additional Information

Clearly the information above has easter eggs that lead to the greater plot of the story, and that’s fine. Allow the heroes to start piecing together the situation and their opposition. Below are additional details they can find out if they run into more questions while researching the artifacts.


  • The Martians surveyed this world ages ago. They found ruins of an older civilization out there in the jungles and out on the playa. (raise: The texts I’ve read theorize that the culture was human.)
  • There have been several expeditions that sought to investigate the ruins found nearby. Mostly old shrines and things, but results were inconclusive. Most believe that the Guarani built them after they returned to the jungle. (raise: Recently, a German group has been shaking down the locals searching for information on artifacts and ruins. No one knows where they stay, or if they’re still on-planet.)
  • Any Guarani rumor follow-ups are in the next section.
  • Madame Tiky’ta a mystic in the shantytown knows about the artifacts. She’s in the shantytown.



The Locals/Guarani


Since the Paraguayans and the Bolivians have all but abandoned the place, the Guarani are the only ones left that actually care what happens on Chaco. They are also troubled by the fall of their “dark brothers” the Wanu, and other strangeness in the jungle. Dealing with the Guarani is difficult, and, once a contact is found with a Streetwise roll, a Persuasion roll at -1 is required to get any useful information. If the questioner has a d4 in Knowledge(Guarani) (or if their Common Knowledge includes Guarani customs, etc), they make an unmodified Persuasion roll.


  • There are creatures in the jungle, but none match the evil of Laqha’uku. (raise: He is the dead alive. Raised by our brothers, the Wanu).
  • The Wanu once were our brothers, but their obsession with the old ones has corrupted them. (raise2: They worship the artifacts and sites of the old ones and believe they are protecting them).
  • The old ones were like you and me. Humans. They worshiped gods that rode their fiery chariot across the sky. (raise2: A map stone of the chariot’s path was stolen from our people by a local man, Colin Drake. He is an arms dealer that lives near the swampworks.)
  • The nearest shrine contains many artifacts. (raise2: The speaker draws a map to the shrine). (NOTE: This is the shrine in the first part of this adventure)


Additional Information

Other information presented below can be found with a Streetwise success from various people, as it’s not strictly Guarani knowledge.

  • Drake deals in artifacts, moreso than guns. He takes trips into the jungle and out into the desert.
  • The Creature has thwarted most attempts to sponsor expeditions into the jungle. (raise2: It killed most of the soldiers that that German party brought in. They had to send for more.)


Turnbull’s Contact

Locating Turnbull’s contact is problematic. The doctor met the contact on a radio conference about early humans, but only knew him by his callsign: KRUX. The professor just assumed he could make planetfall and call the guy, but regardless of the attempts, no one on planet responds to the callsign. Unfortunately, KRUX isn’t even a man; she’s a British spy that used a voice modulator to sound like a man. Locating information on KRUX requires a Streetwise or Investigate roll at -2 at 2 hours per check. Any failed checks yield nothing. A roll of 1 on the skill die (regardless of the wild die) alerts Jundt to the party’s investigation and brings the heat (When Nazi’s Attack).


On a success, they find that “strangers,” meaning anyone not born here or who made planetfall in the last 5 years, typically live in the central part of town in or near the marketplace. On a raise, or a success in KRUX’ neighborhood, they learn that a woman recently (2 years ago) arrived, rented out a flat nearby and contracted to have a radio whip installed. What’s odd about that is that she had the whip camouflaged as being part of a drain pipe. On a raise, or a success in KRUX’ neighborhood, the speaker indicates exactly where the flat is.


Proceed to The Spy.



Getting the Action Moving


“When things slow down, kick in a door.” – general pulp saying..paraphrased…


If the heroes are bored of bumming around asking a bunch of questions that only spawn more questions, you have a few options. Point them more directly to one of the contacts below, or run When Nazis Attack.



Scene 1 – The Spy


Turnbull’s contact, KRUX, is actually a woman named Eloise Bennett, an outspoken agent who pushed too hard with her superiors at MI-6 and ended up stationed on Chaco “monitoring” the swampworks that the locals have thrown together. Like Turnbull, she was a scientist, an astro-palentologist. A paper she wrote on early humans was noticed by MI-6 and they offered her a job five years ago. KRUX made overtures about information interesting to Turnbull, but never received his coded reply, and thus has no idea that he’s coming to find her.


She has since become embroiled in the Western Black Sun Society’s efforts to find similar information, and works to thwart them at every turn. When Turnbull sets up his radio set and begins to broadcast a series of old codes she gave him, she assumes it’s Jundt setting up a trap and makes herself scarce.


Once the heroes identify KRUX’ likely location, they arrive at a burgeoning firefight.


Bad Boys, Bad Boys…


Several local gang members were contracted to take out Ms. Bennett once Jundt discovered her location. When the heroes arrive, the local policia are disengaging from a fight that they never should have undertaken. The gang has set up positions behind rusting automobile hulks and other detritus and has set Bennett’s apartment building on fire. Several gang members rush out of the flaming building holding a radio set and other personal items, though Bennett is nowhere to be found.


On a Notice check, the heroes can pinpoint the apartment that’s on fire. The whole building will be engulfed in 6-18 rounds rounds and the building will collapse 1d4+5 rounds after that. Bennett will be long dead by then.


The Policia can be persuaded to stay and provide covering fire if the heroes wish to rush into the building and save the woman. (Persuasion success)


Local Gang Members - 10

Policia - 5


The gang members begin breaking off the attack almost immediately after their amigos emerge with Bennett’s radio set. If pressed, or pursued, they split up and melt into the thriving marketplace and surrounding neighborhoods. A Tracking success allows heroes to follow any given gang member, however, if they wish to track a specific member (most notably the gang member with Bennett’s personal belongings), this requires a Tracking roll at -2.


The Burning Building

Smoke fills the second floor of the apartment building (accessed by the front stairs or a back fire-escape). Each round, heroes must make a Vigor check or receive a Fatigue level. A wet cloth over a hero’s face grants a +2 bonus to the roll, while those wearing a gas mask or similar device do not need to roll.


The floor and ceiling directly in front of Bennett’s apartment door is completely engulfed in flames if the heroes arrive fairly quickly after the scene starts. (Adjust the progress of the flames accordingly if they delay.) To add to the difficulty, Bennett’s apartment door is shut and locked. The hero must spend at least one round in the affected area bashing or otherwise opening the door. For each round in the fiery area, a hero takes 2d6 damage from the flames and his or her clothes may catch fire. It takes a Strength roll to break open the door.


Bennett is unconscious on the floor just inside her apartment. Depending on how long the heroes spend in the building, they can try to get back through the fiery hallway or attempt to get out of the second story window.


Bennett is incapacitated by smoke inhalation, but once she reaches fresh air, she loses one fatigue level every five minutes.


Though initially wary, she knows the following information:


  • A group of soldiers, German and others, are on planet looking for information about the Guarani.
  • They are lead by a German nobleman named Hans Jundt, who’s closely advised by Traute, a mystic of some power and an expert on the theory of Aldrebraan, a “magical” planet.
  • They have spent the last three weeks or so attempting to explore ruins in the jungle, but have been thwarted by the Guarani “ghouls” and some creature in the jungle.
  • The Guarani speak of evil ones, members of their tribes, with strange powers, dark rituals and alien artifacts.
  • A Guarani mystic lives across town (where Krux gets most of her information) and she may know more.
  • Persuasion success: Bennett has other contacts in town, most notably Colin Drake, the artifact hunter. (she won’t mention this to anyone, but her and Colin were seeing each other for a while, but had a falling out, which makes her loathe to mention him.)



Bennett can be persuaded to assist them group, though she will not leave Outpost Paraíso. She can gather additional information (presented previously) and arrange meetings with the Mystic or with Drake. She only agrees to arrange a meeting with Drake on a Persuasion raise. (Note: She tells them vehemently not to mention her and suggests they take a bottle of Ganois’—a locally produced high-alcohol fortified wine that Drake favors), She doesn’t talk about her time with Drake without lots of Ganois’ and a Persuasion raise.


You can also use her to provide the heroes with more mundane information, like where to find the best deals on parts for their busted ship, trustworthy desert or jungle guides, equipment vendors, and the like.


If Bennett’s radio set is returned to her, she receives a +1 on her Streetwise and Research rolls to find more information for the group and the group receives a +1 on all social skills when dealing with Bennett.


As a contact for Turnbull’s research, she’s not very useful. She knows what he knows, essentially. Several primitive cultures across the galaxy share legends of a fiery heavenly body that appears during times of strife or plenty, and most of these cultures worship the body as a god. She can provide essentially the same information on the cylinder as was presented earlier.


Scene 2 - The Mystic


Madame Tiky’ta styles herself a Guarani witch, but in reality, she’s a Turkish national on the run from several government and business interests. She operates a palm-reading business on the edge of the shantytown, but truly makes her living brokering information. Paraíso is an illicit crossroads in the Racimo Cluster, where smugglers, mercenaries and other less savory types hide, regroup and make plans.


Tiky’ta is easy to deal with, if a little obtuse in her “role.” Presented with the equivalent of $100 (or the artifact) and a Persuasion success, she divulges the following information. Without a Persuasion raise and at least a $200, Tiky’ta alerts her contacts, and word of the party’s business reaches Jundt.


  • A group funded by Paraguayan businessmen, German industrialists and the Black Sun Society is on planet searching for secrets proscribed to early humans on the Chaco.
  • They are supported by local mercenaries and elite German Star Empire troops.
  • The group moves around and Tiky’ta thinks they have a compound in the jungle.
  • ($500) The group has divided loyalties. The money comes from the Germans, and thus Hans Jundt, a German colonel, controls the purse strings, but General Baileff, a White Russian hero of the Chaco War, controls the Guarani.
  • The group has mounted several expeditions into the jungle, but has been thwarted by the Wanu and the creature.


If the heroes possess the artifact, she will describe some of the symbols on the thing (religious iconography associated with a fiery god). For $500 she’ll tell them the following:


  • The artifact was crafted as a marker to designate the location of the fiery star system where the early human’s gods were said to live.
  • The marker’s original position was coordinated to complex star charts, but moving the marker renders it useless.
  • ($1000) Several markers exist, she’s seen them pass through town on occasion, however, a shrine in the Chaco desert is said to have a working marker. She doesn’t know the location, but a local, Colin Drake, once mentioned that he had been there.


If they do not possess the artifact, and have a Persuasion raise plus $500, Tiky’ta informs them that the only way to find what the Doctor seeks is to locate a “marker.” She describes what a marker looks like and tells them that many exist among the jungle tribes. For $1000, she points them to the Wanu shrine described in the Wages of Fear section.


Scene 3 – The Artifact Hunter

Colin Drake is a British ex-military man who came to Chaco as a mercenary during the Gran Chaco War. While not much of a soldier, Drake is a mechanic, engineer and inventor. He funds his experiments by leading expeditions into the deserts and jungles of the Chaco as well as selling various artifacts, real or fabricated.


He served both sides at various times throughout the war, but ended up on the Paraguayan side. He is quite knowledgeable about the Chaco, Guarani and the various power players in Paraíso. He’s also a secretive bastard and very difficult to deal with.


The Compound

In an older neighborhood near the swampworks, Drake built himself a home base. It’s literally a fortress with high stone walls and electrified concertina wire running along its top. The turret of an Italian tank is imbedded in the roof of the place, allowing Drake a 360 degree firing arc, though he can’t depress the gun below 0 degree elevation (meaning he can’t hit anything within 100 yards of his wall).


The main yard of the compound is crowded with junk, including disemboweled vehicles stacked on top of each other, various disassembled machinery and lots of weapons, all non-functional. The main building contains a huge work bay in the center, also cluttered with tools and half-finished projects. Drake lives in a small apartment above the work bay that also connects to the turret on the roof.


Entry to the compound is by invitation only. There are no intercoms or other communication devices outside the wall. Drake leaves the place in an armored van about three times a week to pick up supplies, sell off some stock, or perform repairs on one of his creations around town. The only one in town that can negotiate a meeting with Drake is Bennett, though she loathes doing so.


The Guards

Drake’s compound is guarded by a variety of “robots” that he’s cobbled together. Most are barely functional and more remote controlled than self-aware, but three of his creations actually function independently of the control board he has set up in his work bay and apartment.


  • The Greeter – The Greeter (Janey, he calls her) is essentially an animatronic mannequin with very lifelike qualities. Resembling a geisha, Janey dresses in a flowing kimono with her long black hair done up in a complex bun. She is typically the first contact at the compound for those that are invited in. If need be, the Greeter can fight: She keeps two katana concealed in her back compartment.
  • Junkyard Dog – The Junkyard Dog is a small contraption that resembles a mini-tank (about the size of a lawn tractor). The tracked vehicle has a single red eye built into the front of its chassis, as well as two tubes protruding from the front and the back. These tubes shoot flaming napalm like substance on targets.
  • Gunsel – Similar to the Greeter, the Gunsel is an animatronic mannequin dressed in typical 20’s gangster clothing, though his face is a collection of gears and switches surrounding a single red glass “eye.” The Gunsel packs a machine gun as a left arm and a long-bladed knife for a right hand, though Drake can detach these and replace them with other weaponry and manipulators.



Dealing with Drake is difficult. He is three parts absent-minded professor and one part angry drunk most of the time. Mentioning Bennett sends him on a cussing and tool-throwing tirade that usually ends in questioners being chased out of the complex by the Junkyard Dog and the Gunsel.


In order to get the man to talk, the heroes require a Persuasion raise or a Persuasion success and a bottle of Ganois’ (about $200).


He knows the following information:

  • Germans – They are searching for a specific temple built by the early humans. They believe that the early humans used it to communicate to their “gods.” Drake doesn’t believe these beings were truly gods, but doesn’t know what they were. Probably aliens of some kind. Jundt and Baileff are both heavily tied up in the occult, and believe that their findings will make them wealthy and/or powerful beyond belief. (Persuasion raise: Drake knows Porfenko – Drake used to work on the priest’s plane during the war. They were friends, and Drake has spoken to the man a couple of times since the group got on planet. Porfenko believes that the group is about to come apart since Jundt cannot seem to get a successful mission into the jungle and blames Baileff and his Guarani connections.)
  • Artifacts – The markers are pointers to this central temple, not to the star system. Drake believes that the temple holds the key to the location of the star. The Wanu believe that a shattered temple deep in the jungle is the central locale, but Drake is convinced otherwise. A working marker in a cliff-side desert shrine that Drake explored several years ago seemed to indicate that the central temple is deep in the desert. He could never figure out how to work it, but has its location on a map somewhere…
  • Guarani – The Guarani are divided into the normals and the Wanu. The ancient human artifacts, when they function, twist the mind and body. The Guarani believe this is what “caused” the Wanu’s obsession and subsequent descent into savagery. The map wheel that the Guarani claim Drake stole is actually in the desert shrine. He used it to open one of the tombs.
  • The Creature – The Luku, as he calls it, can be calmed by singing, of all things. The Guarani have a ditty that they taught him, though it’s complex and rather difficult to learn. He’s the only one in town that can successfully bypass the thing.
  • Jungle Ruins – They’re worthless. Don’t bother. (Drake has explored all of the ruins within a couple of days hike from Outpost, but he protects their locations, as they are his bread and butter. He usually takes “artifact hunters” to a burial site about four hours hike outside of Outpost. This place is stripped bare, though he occasionally leaves a few minor pieces laying around for his employers to “find.”


Colin Drake


The Desert Shrine

Drake is resistant to leaving his compound, especially on a long trek back into the Chaco desert. He can’t be persuaded by good looks, money or liquor, until after the Nazis attack. If the heroes assist him in defending the place, he will take them to the shrine if they agree to pay his expenses (about $1000) and give him right of first refusal on any artifacts they find.


Scene 4 – When Nazis Attack!

The details of these scenes are fluid, since you can throw them in anytime you feel like the players are getting bored running around town. However, a great place to spring the big Nazi attack is after the heroes get some information out of Drake.


What follows are three mini-scenes you can use to keep the heroes honest.


The Agents

Run this anytime the heroes are dawdling or otherwise getting off track. Especially if they’ve failed Streetwise or other information gathering checks, as this almost always gets back to Jundt.


The set up for this scene is in a crowded place, like the marketplace or tea house. Three of Jundt’s soldiers, dressed in civilian clothing begin tailing the group, looking for a nice ambush site. They wait to attack when the heroes move into less populated areas, such as an alleyway, secluded courtyard and the like.


For those heroes specifically looking, it takes a Notice roll to decide that these three seem out of place and cagey in crowded conditions. Once the heroes move to a less populated area, it takes a Notice raise to realize that the heroes have seen the three figures drifting in from opposite directions before.


Nazi Agents

Cigarette Man – a Wild Card


Once they’ve chosen an ambush site, the three split up and approach the heroes from three different directions. Two hang back, walking slowly, while the third approaches the party asking for a light for his cigarette. It takes a Notice roll to pick up his German accent. Once the heroes are distracted, the other two take cover and start firing, while the cigarette man, pulls a pistol from his coat and tries to take one of the hero’s hostage.


He requests that everyone drop their weapons and give up any artifacts, maps, or other information about local ruins. Though he promises to let them go, once he gets what he asks for, he radios for a car and takes the heroes to Jundt’s compound. The car pulls up in three rounds and contains five Nazi soldiers in full uniform. They load the heroes up and the Cigarette Man and one of the agents (driver) accompanies them, leaving the soldiers and other agent behind.


Nazi Regulars - 5


How this standoff resolves is up to the heroes’ actions. If the Cigarette Man is killed or incapacitated, the other two flee into the twisted streets and alleys. Cigarette Man’s aim is to get the heroes to come along quietly. See the Troubleshooting section for more information on their fate.




The two agents know little about what’s going on. They know that they report to Jundt, through the Cigarette Man, and that they live in a compound just outside Outpost. They can point to the area on a map, if pressed.


The Cigarette Man knows the above, and that he’s supposed to take any artifacts, maps, and information from the heroes and drive them to the compound.


Direct Confrontation


At some point, Jundt loses his composure and wants the heroes meddling questions to be terminated. This encounter is rather fluid in that it’s flashy, it’s going to cause a lot of ruckus and then everything goes back to normal. The people of Chaco, particularly the residents of Paraíso, are used to conflict.


Arrange this encounter as a straight up fight after the heroes come out of a shop, bar, restaurant, or their quarters. They immediately notice that the street that was lately crowded with cart vendors, shoppers and passers-by is completely empty. Nazi soldiers led by Lieutenant Cassel have set up positions across and along the street. Cassel stands on a building across the street (behind cover) and announces that the heroes are under arrest for “rabble rousing” and other crimes. At about this time, the soldiers make themselves known (gun barrels slide out of windows and from behind other cover, clicks of safeties, breeches, and the like).


If the heroes do anything, other than drop weapons and raise their hands, the Germans open fire. Cassel’s position includes a sniper, though Cassel only observes from over the man’s shoulder. If the fight goes badly, he takes a back exit from the building and reports his failure back to Jundt.


Nazi Regulars + Cassel - 11




If the heroes are captured or incapacitated, they are dragged off to the Nazi compound.


The soldiers know almost nothing, though they know where the compound is. Cassel knows little more; only that he was supposed to secure any artifacts, papers, journals, and the like.


The Big One

This scene is best run when the heroes are negotiating with Drake, with little success. Suddenly, his alarm system starts blaring and various remote control contraptions spin up. He rushes to his “remote window” to find Nazis deploying for an attack!




Jundt has dispatched his most trusted lieutenant, Vala Bohm, to lead the attack, which includes a squad of soldiers, a gun truck and Der Eisenmann. They are arrayed with the squad in over watch, awaiting a breach in the wall, the gun truck in a hull-down cover position (only the mortar can fire), and Eisenmann approaching the wall the Drake’s compound.


Vala Bohm – Wild Card

Nazi Regulars – 20


Gun Truck




Once the Eisenmann is in position, Vala orders the mortar to fire into the compound grounds to cause confusion and forestall defense. The squad maintains an over watch, shooting at anyone that becomes visible. Der Eisenmann begins attacking the wall and anyone that presents themselves as a target outside the compound.


Once there’s a breach, Vala orders the squad forward behind the Eisenmann, while the gun truck maneuvers to provide both mortar and machine gun support through the breach.


Drake’s Defenses


In addition to his robots, Drake has several additional defenses that should thin the herd:

  • The tank turret on the roof can fire one shell every other round (once per round if someone takes a loader position in the turret). The turret can reach the gun truck and the squad, though it can’t hit the Eisenmann. (75/150/300, 3d8, ROF 1, AP 4, 1 action reload, Medium Burst Template – this is an HE round).
  • There are three remote control machineguns that fire from the top of the wall. Two of these can reach the Eisenmann, squad and gun truck, while the third can only reach the gun truck, due to its position, construction and firing arc. These guns have three “bursts” of automatic fire before they are out of ammo and require a Shooting roll to control and fire. (30/60/120, 2d8, ROF 3, AP2, 250 rounds)
  • Drake’s robots take cover and attack once a breach is created in the wall. The Junkyard Dog goes directly for the Eisenmann, while the Gunsel uses this distraction to set up a defensive position and awaits the soldiers. The Greeter hangs back and defends Drake.



If Drake and the heroes are defeated, they are taken to the Nazi compound for interrogation. If her squad and Eisenmann are defeated, Vala orders the gun truck to get away at best speed, while she moves the machine gun to a back firing-arc hard point to forestall pursuit.


If cornered, Vala is an accomplished martial artist and knife fighter, as well as a crack shot.


If captured Vala gives up the following with an Intimidation success:

  • Jundt’s operation has stalled and he’s become increasingly irritated by supply problems, requests from the Reich for status, and inability to control most of his workers (Guarani).
  • He has Goni Colque recruiting additional mercenaries both here on Chaco and on other planets for a major operation, though he hasn’t revealed any details.
  • The Russian, Belaieff, is starting to question his involvement, probably at the prodding of that witch-priest, Porfenko.
  • Porfenko communes with spirits, though they are different spirits from the ones providing information to Traute.


Drake’s Decision

If the heroes assist in the defense of his home, Drake agrees to (or offers to) escort the heroes to the desert shrine of Masu huk'ucha. Give them a few days to get their supplies together, then Drake meets them on the outskirts of Outpost in his massive desert vehicle (think monster truck with six wheels).




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