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Eisenfaust is an independent organization that specializes in espionage, strategic development and assassination. Though ostensibly their cause appears mercenary, they have another, darker aim: To sever Martian influence on the human race. What little information exists about the group is scattered across a number of highly classified and privileged positions throughout the governments of Earth.


Though it was founded by a German national, Brandeis Eggers, Eisenfaust is opposed to the current Reich regime. They have no compunction about recruiting Germans (Nazis or otherwise) or about using the Reich’s war machine to its own ends.




Near the end of the Great War, Oberst Brandeis Eggers was literally a shattered man. In a morphine haze and praying for death, Oberst Eggers lay in a Brandenburg hospital blinded by mustard gas and a triple amputee. This was about the time of his first visitation. His journals later stated that he felt a touch on his cheek that woke him, clear-headed, in the cold hours of morning. His first impression was that he’d gone deaf, since the snores and grumblings of his fellow patients were replaced by a strange buzzing sound. But, as he wrote, this was not the case:


The sound seemed to resolve itself into a kind of speech, though at the time I could not understand its form or meaning. I did know that I was no longer in the confines of my bed and later came to realize that I was truly free of my body, though not my bodily afflictions, at first.


Eggers had multiple visitations over the next few months, some lasting for weeks, though no reports of him leaving the hospital were recorded. During these sessions, he came to understand the strange buzzing speech and, while being “visited” regained his sight and mobility. The Colonel described the “guests” thusly:


They were not insects exactly, nor were they fish or fowl, but something in between. A kind of bulbous mass surrounded by cilia and spider-like arms and feelers of a type. They called themselves the People and spoke to me of a coming revolution for the human race and of a sinister gift that would tear everyone apart yet again. They described those that would give the gift as the Adversaries and that they originated in another dimension, though they would masquerade as beings from Mars.


Eggers described, of course, the Martian encounters and subsequent gifts to Earth in the 20’s and the great revolution in space travel and exploration that followed.


Though it is unclear when or where Eggers first encountered the “People,” what is clear is that his experiences led directly to the founding of an organization to resist Martian influences. Little evidence exists on the formation of Eggers group, but it is believed that once the Colonel regained his sight and retired to the German countryside, he immediately began recruiting those close to him. The movement got its name from the prosthetic that the Colonel had crafted to replace his left arm. Instead of a hand, he had a steel fist grafted to the end of the wooden arm.



Eisenfaust is a paramilitary organization with three divisions:

  • Operations
  • Research and Development
  • Command and Control


Command and Control

Command directs the Operations and R&D divisions in Eisenfaust’s ultimate mission of freeing humans from the perceived yoke of the Martians. In doing so, Command has focused its divisions on the retrieval and analysis of ancient stellar human technologies and artifacts. It is believed that the development of super weapons from our ancient forebears’ advances is the only way to confront the hated Martians.


High Command is a smaller group within the Command division that takes its marching orders directly from the People.



The Operations division is responsible for espionage, insurgency and combat operations in pursuit of Eisenfaust’s goals. Most of the operations are centered around finding and securing technologies and artifacts of ancient stellar humans before confinement to Earth. Operational groups are founded on a decentralized principle with cells of operatives directed by a central handler. Handlers receive their orders from the Command and Control division and are expected to deliver results to R&D and Command, as required.


Operatives know little outside of their own duties and few even know they work for Eisenfaust, though each is hand selected for their skill and devotion. Handlers recruit soldiers, politicians, spies and scientists from every nation, filling their heads with a variety of lies to suit the person and situation. Handlers often occupy highly placed military, industry and government positions using these “sponsor” nations’ resources for training, recruitment, supplies and information.


Research and Development

The R&D division is primarily responsible for analysis of stellar human artifacts retrieved by the Operations division in order to produce viable technologies for the organization’s cause.


Command recruits scientists and isolates them from the rest of the organization usually in sponsor nations’ laboratories. Though R&D has yet to produce a major breakthrough, they have improved on several different technologies, especially in communications encryption, robotics and a variety of weaponry enhancements.



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