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Appendix III: Magic and Treasure



New Magical Items


These artifacts are somewhat different from the "standard" enchanted items.


Ariguun Weapons and Armor

The chthonic ariguun use deep magicks to enchant their gear and give them an edge against other, more powerful creatures of the Underworld. Ariguun artificers craft this gear out of an arcane type of stone that they grow in special lairs. This stone, once harvested, can be worked into a variety of items and imbued with special enchantments. Weapons made of ariguun stone are as hard as steel, while armors are supple but strong.

  • Ariguun weapons have a +1 Fighting enchantment and grant the bearer the Arcane Resistance edge.
  • Ariguun shadeweave armors have a +1 Armor enchantment and grant the wearer +2 to Stealth checks


When these, or any ariguun enchanted items, are exposed to sunlight, the enchantments immediately begin to fade.

  • The Fighting and Armor enchantments last for 12 hours in sunlight, however, such a lengthy exposure to sunlight destroys the items; they crumble to dust.
  • The Arcane Resistance and Stealth enchantments are immediately lost when exposed to sunlight, but return if the items are kept in complete darkness for 12 hours.


Witchstaff of the Cabal

When cabal witches complete the proper devotion rituals to their dark god-queen, they receive the witchstaff, a powerful artifact and an even more powerful chain to their queen’s desires. The staff has 10 power points and the following powers:

  • Queen’s Embrace (Entangle with the web trapping)
  • Blackbolt (Bolt with the Poison trapping – Vigor (-2) or Incapacitated for 2d6 minutes. Death in 30 minutes)
  • Soulcatch (Puppet)


The witchstaff has other powerful enchantments that allow the powers in the cabal, and some say even the dark queen herself, to track the movements of the witch. Some have reported that, at will, the cabal can teleport the witch to the underground palace of the Spider Queen from anywhere in the multiverse. The witchstaff is not affected by sunlight.


Witchstaffs are considered evil artifacts by the powers of good and punish their worshippers for bearing such a profane objects. Even the powers of evil not aligned with the Spider Queen may punish their worshippers for using such an item.





Sword of Deumatire

The Sword of Deumatire is a broadsword crafted entirely of a rose hued crystalline material. Uninhabited by the spirit of Deumatire, it has the following statistics:


Crystal Broadsword (STR+10, 2 hands, Parry -1, STR d8 to wield)

The crystalline material from which the sword was crafted is unbreakable by normal means.


Once the spirit of Deumatire inhabits the sword, it has the following powers:

  • +1 Fighting and Damage
  • Blessed (+1d6 damage versus Undead and demonic creatures)
  • Glows with a silvery light equal to a lamp


Deumatire’s spirit is weak when it first inhabits the sword, and thus can only communicate vague desires, warnings and information to the wielder. The spirit’s desires are most felt when dealing with the Crystal Horn; the wielder experiences a miasma of images from Deumatire’s perspective of fighting the balor Bamoni and of a silvery void on some far-flung plane where the skull (and its pieces) must be cast in order to destroy them. Deumatire also warns away anyone attempting to approach or touch the horn.


As the wielder grows in power, the sword and its spirit also develop, gaining more powers and a stronger personality.


The Crystal Horn

The horn is massive, about the size of a large boat, and composed of a dark blue crystalline substance. Deep in its heart, the horn glows with a malevolent reddish light representing the spirit of Bamoni, the balor slain by the elven hero Deumatire. When destroyed, Deumatire trapped the balor’s spirit within its own broken skull. The elf kept the horn he’s sheared off during the battle as a prize, never considering that it could be used to find the skull, now lost somewhere in the multiverse. The Devastator and her minions have returned a shard of Bamoni’s soul to the horn, and its only purpose is to locate the skull.


Those near the horn feel vaguely unclean and uncomfortable. A faint whispering seems to crowd out all thoughts. Within 2” of the horn, all must make a Spirit (-1) or feel the horn’s pull, sitting captivated by its Infernal meanderings until either the spell is temporarily broken (Dispel on the subject), the subject is dragged out of the area of effect, or the subject dies from privation.


If a creature of great evil (such as a dragon, liche or powerful demon) touches the horn, it shrinks to a size portable to the creature, and the bearer instinctively knows the location of the Skull of Bamoni. Creatures of good that manage to touch the horn are utterly destroyed, their souls trapped in a hellish demi-plane within the horn.


The horn is indestructible save for casting it into the Pit of Voids located somewhere in the multiverse.


Those bearing the horn receive the following benefits:

  • Improved Arcane Resistance (from Powers cast by a caster of good, such as a priest)
  • Armor +2 versus Blessed weapons or other attacks
  • Fear (as the Power, always active)




Trail of the Devastator

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Act II: On the Trail
Act III: Heart of Fire
Appendix I: Mooks and Villians
Appendix II: Spells and Powers
Appendix III: Magic and Treasure

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