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Damage Types

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Damage Types

Savaged Knights

Certain types of damage have certain effects, as described below.



Cold damage can be applied using a weapon, natural attack or the environment. Cold damage causes fatigue levels. If the cold damage exceeds the character’s Toughness (combined with other types of damage or alone), then the character receives one level of Fatigue. Cold damage raises cause additional Fatigue levels.



Sonic damage can be applied using a weapon, natural attack, or the environment. Sonic damage causes both physical (Wound) damage and fatigue levels. If an attack using Sonic damage (either in concert with other types of damage or alone) exceeds the character’s Toughness, they take a Wound, as well as one Fatigue level. On a damage raise, the target of Sonic damage is also deafened.



Energy damage is the standard damage for blaster-type weapons, lightsabers and the like. Energy damage causes Wounds.



Ion energy causes some physical Energy damage to living creatures, as well as concussive force. On a damage raise, the target must make a Vigor check or be incapacitated for 1d4 rounds. Ion damage affects electronic devices, including powered armors, implants and the like. On a damage raise, small electronic devices, such as datapads and the like are destroyed utterly. Powered armors lose any special effects due to power (such as Strength bonuses) and reduce the target’s movement by half. Against personal shields, ion energy drops the shield on a successful hit and destroys the personal shield device on a damage raise. For cybernetic implants, if the character is incapacitated by Ion damage, 1 implant is destroyed for every Ion damage raise. See the Savage Star Wars by John Brown for ion effects to vehicles and spacecraft.



Fire damage can be applied using a weapon, natural attack, or the environment. Fire damage causes wounds. On a damage raise, the target of the fire attack is set on fire, which continues to cause damage each round until extinguished.

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